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Being natural wanderers, cats thrive best in stimulating environments full of potential for exploring. Cat owners either need to get used to their furry companion occasionally roaming around the streets, or make sure the cat’s living environment can meet their daily exercise needs.

Getting a cat treadmill or an exercise wheel can be a rewarding investment for energetic indoor cats. Whether she needs to lose weight, engage in a fun activity, or just release excess energy, your kitty will definitely take an immediate liking to indoor exercising. 

Furthermore, suppose your aging or injured four-legged friend is in need of rehabilitative physical activity. In that case, cat treadmills offer a variety of workout programs, incline levels, and are safe enough to follow up on the healing process.

Based on the users’ honest feedback and our experts’ professional opinion, we’ve come up with this useful review of cat-friendly treadmills to help you understand your choice-making criteria and confidently pick from the top products available.

Why should I invest in a cat treadmill?

Encourages movement and regular exercising

Most indoor cats quickly get used to the comfort and coziness of just lying around and doing nothing. If there’s nothing exciting to chase around or explore, a cat will comply by snoozing all day and munching on snacks. This is by no means a healthy feline lifestyle, which is why an exercise machine can get things going and pump up some kitty cardio.

Mind-stimulating and improving focus

While the treadmill itself can’t really do much for your cat’s cognitive improvement, you can utilize the workout time by combining it with stimulating games, obedience training, or mental exercising. Many treadmills come with an automotive snack dispenser, integrated LED lights, a leash bar, etc.

That can help you set goals for your cat or practice obedience training. Regular physical activity is also directly connected to mood and anxiety in animals. It promotes the release of endorphins, responsible for mood, stress and happiness. 

Convenient for disabled or physically limited owners

Meeting your pet’s exercise requirements can be a challenging task if you have a physical disability. The benefits of purchasing a pet-friendly treadmill can, in the long run, outweigh the need for hiring assistance or asking someone to help out with your pet. While your cat is having the time of his life on the treadmill, you can be there to monitor the program, speed, time and intensity of the workout.

Eliminates weather-related hazards

Some cats are home-adjusted and intuitive enough to freely wander off and then come back when they’re ready. Unfortunately, boiling summer days or below-zero winter seasons can cause too many safety problems for a house cat. In the unbearable weather conditions, the safest idea is to keep your cat indoors as much as possible. What’s more, to make up for the lack of physical activity, a 30-minute daily workout on a treadmill will keep your kitty happy and relaxed.

Can I just put my cat on a human treadmill?

Although it would be a money-saving solution, putting a cat on a human treadmill will not do the work; in fact, it can be hazardous.

While they have the same purpose, a human and a feline exercise machine are differently designed to respond to the distinct anatomical differences between a cat and a person. Simply put, a four-legged furry animal can hurt itself on a treadmill designed for upright walking and running.

Firstly, the position of the motor needs to be secured and far enough from the tread as the cat’s fur may get jammed and pulled out. Secondly, animal-friendly treadmills operate much more quietly (with an almost unnoticeable humming noise). At the same time, the running area is specially designed to safely withhold the pet’s unpredictable movements (lying down, fidgeting, speeding, etc.).

To ensure balance and safety, cat treadmills have side panels (usually detachable) that keep the cat focused on the running lane. In-built workout settings are specially made for animals and are manually adaptable. 

Pet treadmills usually come with a safety stop button, enabling the owner to turn off the treadmill if the cat gets too anxious or intimidated by the machine. 

Tips to consider when getting a cat treadmill

Pet treadmills are not specifically made for cats, but both canine and feline companions. A starting point for choosing the optimal exercise machine for your kitty is to look into the extent of its purpose. Is it too bulky for my cat? Are the built-in programs too intense for my small cat, or do I need something more challenging? Are there any additional features I could use to spark interest in my cat?

Here are these (and some more) important questions answered to focus on when purchasing the best treadmill for your cat.

Is the treadmill too small/big for my cat?

The size of the treadmill will very much determine the price of it. Luckily, cat owners can narrow down their search to smaller and less powerful machines. Treadmills for small pets can typically withstand at least 30 pounds of weight and consequently require less working energy. While you want to avoid gimmick gadgets, a compact smaller treadmill is just enough for a normal-sized house cat.

The next feature to look for is good quality and sturdiness. The size should not compromise the quality, so look for something affordable, but not cheap per se.

Where are you going to keep it?

Are you going to leave it assembled all the time, or will it be stored when the cat is not using it? Since they weigh around 20 – 90 pounds, deciding on the storage space can determine your final choice. Opting for the foldable/collapsible products is also a good idea for limited space apartments. 

Does my cat need to work on weight loss?

A bigger incline angle of the tread means more energy and effort invested during the workouts. If your cat is lazy and overweight, you might want to look for treadmills that offer a variety of pre-set workouts and more incline levels. 

Is my cat easily startled or sensitive to loud noises?

Cats being cats, they might get vary of a strange metal monster creaking and clattering. If you know your furbaby might have a hard time getting used to a treadmill, focus on the quiet and less harsh machines in design. The fewer parts and attachments it has, the less intimidating it will appear to your cat. Bright and fluorescent colors can also be off-putting and scary to some shy kitties.

Do I need additional features?

Built-in LED lights, pre-set workouts, snack dispensers, remote controllers can all be useful in motivating your furball to try out a treadmill. Think whether these features could be useful or just a waste of money. This will depend on your preferences and your cat’s personality and curiosity. 

Do I need warranty options?

Depending on the machine and company, treadmills come with different warranty options. Knowing you can return a product or pay in installments can definitely be helpful, especially if you are looking for more high-end treadmills. Sometimes you just can’t predict whether your cat will take a liking to the treadmill or downright hate it, so a money-back guarantee option is definitely a plus.

Best cat treadmills to opt for in 2021

Based on the satisfied customers’ opinion and 13-year long experience of our experts, this product review will equip you with the essential details about the top-selling treadmills for cats. Although not specifically made for cats, these pet treadmills are designed to suit both cats and dogs and adhere to their exercise needs, whether simple or more advanced. Check out our best choices:

DogPACER LF 3.1 Cat Treadmill c


  1. Brand: dogPACER
  2. Model: DP-LF31
  3. Size: 76.8 x 27.6 x 47 inches, 97 pounds weight

If you are a multi-pet enthusiast, this versatile treadmill can be useful for pets of various sizes, managing up to 180 pounds of weight. Although more on the high-end price range ($560), it is a smart investment for families with two or more pets, as it can withstand even larger dog breeds. Foldable and easily stored away, this sporty treadmill won’t give you a headache while assembling it.

Its modern design makes it a nice furniture item, and you can keep it unfolded all the time if necessary. It comes with removable side panels, specifically designed to keep your cat safe but not distracted. Pre-set workouts go from easy to more advanced, but you can also manually control the speed, intensity, time, and incline.

Customers reviewed this machine as very sturdy and of excellent quality; pets quickly get used to its shape and size and have no problem using it. It is almost soundless despite the powerful 1.5-hp motor. A fantastic treadmill for active small to medium-sized pets.

Key features:

  1. Foldable and easily stored
  2. Versatile – great for both cats and dogs
  3. Strong, but quiet-operating motor
  4. A good number of pre-set workouts 

A small and convenient treadmill for cats


  1. Brand: DogTread
  2. Model: PZ-1701r
  3. Size: 44 x 20 x 21 inches, 47 pounds weight

Since its design focuses on small dogs, this nifty machine is perfect for kitties. Users have reviewed this product as a bit pricy; nevertheless, being lightweight (47 pounds) and conveniently folded makes it a good choice for cat households.

DogTread’s treadmill comes with a surprisingly wide running area ( around 30 by 14 inches) compared to its total size. A uniquely-designed low running platform enables any small and short-legged animal to run or walk safely and comfortably. There are ready-made workouts to chose from, or you can make your own by selecting the workout length, intensity, speed, etc.

It features a user-friendly LCD console and a remote controller to make the whole experience easier and more convenient for pet owners.

Key features:

  1. Portable and light-weight
  2. Included remote controller
  3. Designed for smaller pets ( maximum weight capacity: 30 pounds)
  4. Pre-set workouts
  5. Removable side panels

TGo Pet Petrun Pr700 Cat Treadmill


  1. Brand: GoPet 
  2. Model: PR700
  3. Size: 15 x 81 x 50 inches, 81 pounds weight

This toy-looking exercise machine is all but a gimmicky equipment piece. It is made for smaller pets (44-pound weight limit), making it perfect for cats. The side panels are almost unnoticeable, thus not so daunting as other bulky and huge treadmills.

Its low and flat platform makes it approachable for cats to hop on safely and effortlessly, and also easily stored or put under the bed. It features an emergency stop button that enables safe and controlled runs. It contains a silent driving system, the motor operating from o.6 – 7.4 mph, perfect for aging cats or clumsy kittens.

You can monitor and manage your cat’s workout time and speed with a remote controller that comes with the treadmill. A go-to option for cat-loving homes and small spaces.

Key features:

  1. Maximum weight capacity: 44 pounds
  2. Remote controller included
  3. Silent operation
  4. Emergency safety stop button
  5. Good price for value
  6. Adaptable for injured or aging cats

One Fast Cat exercise wheel


  1. Brand: OneFastCat
  2. Model: Exercise wheel
  3. Size: 24 pounds

More advanced feline sprinters will definitely get the best use of this exercise wheel. While not a treadmill per se, this machine is specially made for cats and their running pace. It’s noise-free, easily portable, and even futuristic-looking – like a huge hamster wheel!

Made of 100 percent recyclable plastic, this sturdy but the light-weight wheel can support up to 25 lbs. While it’s not heavy and easily portable, it does take up a lot of space since the wheel is big and wide once assembled. Nevertheless, the assembly is easy and intuitive since the wheel comes with detailed instructions and explanations.

The company is willing to accept returns up to 30 days after purchase in the original box, money-back guarantee. All in all, customers reviewed this product as affordable, appealing for cats, and practical.

Key features:

  1. Light-weight and portable
  2. Designed for cat’s exercise needs
  3. Silent and appealing for cats
  4. Withstands up to 25 lbs

What is the best option for my cat?

Depending on your needs and preferences, price range, and free space available, you can compare your criteria to these fantastic machines and decide which will suit your home the best. In order to get the right treadmill, take into account all of the factors mentioned above to be able to decide what suits you and your beloved furry friend best.