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Dog Goggles

Why should cool eyewear be reserved just for humans? Our pups are just as susceptible to UV rays, injury to the eye, sand, debris, wind as we are. Of course, their adorable snouts, ears, and head shape prevent them from wearing our shades, thankfully dog goggles and sunglasses have been a thing for some time, and they not only provide protection and safety, but they are also stylish piece of accessory.

Dog goggles need to be designed to comfortably and securely fit your pup’s eyes and head while withstanding all the jumping, running, and snooping around without falling off. 

That’s why singling out quality products in the myriad of flimsy, gimmicky ones is sometimes hard. Based on 13 years’ experience and customers’ honest reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the most outstanding canine eyewear on the market that fit different needs, like sun protection, wind protection, stylish, sporty, etc. 

Why dog goggles and how they are useful

To some dog enthusiasts, it might sound silly that you would need sunglasses or goggles for your pup. In most cases, dogs are perfectly capable of adapting to harsh weather conditions, and their natural features help them stay protected and secure from outdoor hazards.

However, some pups may suffer from eyesight issues, injury, or hypersensitivity to UV rays or direct sunlight. Senior dogs may also develop cataracts, which make the eyes highly sensitive to brightness, so a vision aid like this can be a lifesaver for these grandpa and grandma dogs. 

Some breeds are more susceptible to conditions such as corneal ulcers, dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, chronic conjunctivitis infection, etc. All may require staying away from sunlight, wind, water, or other irritants.

Dog goggles are designed to fit your dog’s head and snout shape, stay on comfortably, and are constructed of flexible yet durable materials that are able to withstand the exciting doggy lifestyles. This affordable accessory not only protects your pup but can also come in various styles, colors, and fun shapes to complement your dog’s personality. 

Suppose you’re an adventurous type of dog parent who brings their pup to challenging activities, like hiking, mountain climbing, exploring the wilderness. In that case, your dog may be exposed to dangerous objects, making their eyes sensitive to cuts, abrasions, pocking, which can ultimately create chronic irritation, pain, and damage to the eyes. Goggles are a simple yet effective solution for all outgoing types and active dogs that have a high risk of damaging their eyes.

Since it’s been proved that the sun is becoming more damaging and dangerous, dog goggles are also recommended for healthy dogs and puppies as a preventative measure to ensure safe and healthy eyesight in your dog for a long time.

What to consider when shopping for dog goggles?

To avoid getting disappointed by low quality and deceptive ads, we’ve prepared some of the crucial features to search for when scrolling through specifications:

Size and shape

Most brands state which dog breeds can wear their glasses in terms of body type, head and snout shape, and size. Goggles are supposed to fit snugly on your dog, without any holes and openings to prevent debris and sand from getting into their eyes. While most goggles have adjustable straps, you can tighten them so much, so make sure your tiny puppy or robust large dog can wear the glasses you aimed to buy.

The right protection

The primary purpose of dog eyewear is to provide protection. The most important notions to look for are UV protection, waterproof, shatterproof, anti-fog lenses. Some lenses are colored or tinted, which provides more comfortable wearing in the sun.


Look for products that come with two bands: the one that wraps around the head and the other beneath the chin. This way, the dog goggles won’t fall off or fly away in the strong wind if you’re, for example, riding on a motorbike with your pup. If you can tighten them just enough to fit perfectly, you minimize the possibility of injury or the goggles breaking.

Best dog goggles and sunglasses

After testing dozens of dog goggles and sunglasses and noting other buyers’ (dis)satisfaction with the products, our final list consists of the best quality canine eyewear that you can order online or find in stores. Check out the highest-rated models:

QUMY Dog Goggles

These super sporty color-lense goggles are a great protective piece of accessory for dogs around and over 15 lbs. They come with head and neck adjustable wide straps made of elastic for a comfortable yet snug fit. The goggles come in different frame colors, from classic black and white to more vivid options like bright pink, blue, yellow, and red. These dog goggles were made to keep your pup’s eyes safe and sound, with the UV protection lense, waterproof and shatterproof construction, and anti-fog layer.

They are perfect for motorbike and convertible rides in the wind, picnics on the beach, or any outdoor activity in the blistering sun or strong wind. What’s more, the goggles are foldable and come with a sleek bag, so you can just store them on your walks for convenient and quick use.

Customers are satisfied with the strap tightening mechanism, and dogs seem to like to wear these goggles without any complaints. The goggles are also highly affordable and worth a try.

Doggles Dog Goggles

The Doggles brand strives to create ergonomic, comfy, and almost unnoticeable eyewear for our sensitive pooches, which is why they’ve come up with this fantastic product for outdoor ventures. These goggles come with two anti-fog, UV protective tinted lenses in a padded and soft frame for a seamless fit. The goggles feature a single, adjustable headband, so the goggles are not created for adrenaline sports, lots of running and moving around.

That said, they are perfect for dogs who like to stick their head out of a car window and protect them from debris, insects, or any injury. This dog goggles provide excellent sun protection, so your pup can chill on the sun and keep their eyes healthy and safe.

Also, dogs who had eye surgery, problems with cataracts, or are too sensitive to direct sunlight can benefit from these 100% UV protection goggles. 

For a reasonable price, you can get long-lasting, durable goggles for everyday use.

Namsan Dog UV Goggles 

These uniquely designed light-weight goggles are an excellent product for restless pups who are not very enthusiastic about wearing something on their heads. The goggles are made of flexible yet highly durable plastic that adjusts to the dog’s head and snout shape and lay nicely against their eye area, so the dog doesn’t have the urge to knock them off.

The lenses are tinted, have UV protection, waterproof and shatterproof to enable safe and fun outdoor ventures, whichever trip or adventure you’re up for with your furry friend.

The goggles feature two bands, one for the head and the other for the chin, both adjustable to fit different breeds. However, mind that these dog goggles are mostly recommended for smaller to medium-sized breeds, so check the measurement chart before making the final purchase. 

Customers are delighted with these heavy-duty goggles and find them almost indestructible. They are also foldable, so you can fit them in a small pouch or put them in your pocket for quick use.

Doggles Originalz Blue Frame Goggles

 Another Doggles design and quality, unique goggles for larger and more robust breeds. These blue-tinted lense goggles with a blue frame provide excellent UV protection, a snug fit to prevent debris and wind drying out the dog’s eyes, and are waterproof to ensure underwater sight for avid swimmers.

The frame is foam padded in order to avoid irritation and maximize comfort. The goggles come with one head strap, so make sure you tighten the belt firmly. This dog goggles are more suitable for everyday walks, chilling in the sun, open car or motorcycle rides, rather than high-activity trips that may cause the glasses to fall off.

Customers like these goggles for dogs with eye problems that need some extra protection when outdoors. They are also very cost-effective and proved durable in the long run. Before hitting the cart button, make sure your dog’s head circumference, ear shape, and eye size fit the goggles. 

PETLESO Large Dog Goggles

These goggles are an excellent investment for gentle giants and robust dog types like Pit Bulls, Terriers, Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Staffords, etc. The unique lens shape and the vast space in the middle enable the goggles to lay comfortably on the eye area, wrapping nicely around big and bulky snouts.

The lenses are tinted, offer UV protection, waterproof and shatterproof so your dog can freely use them when swimming, running in the wind, when chilling on the car window, in the sun, on motorcycle rides, and similar. This dog goggles provide maximum security thanks to the two head and chin bands that are adjustable by length.

The frame is soft and padded with breathable foam to prevent fogging yet keep the eye area free from debris, sand, speckles, and other uncomfortable things that can cause eye injury and irritation. There’s a nifty clasp in the middle so you can fold the goggles and store them easily when on the road. 

Buyers highly recommend these goggles for medium-sized and large breeds who gladly wear this badass piece of accessory.

NVTED Dog Goggles 

If you were looking for a sturdy and stylish ski mask for your pup, these one-lense goggles are a great product for you. The fact that these goggles have a single lens, ergonomically shaped to fit the dog’s snout, means your pup won’t even notice there’s something on their face, as their peripheral vision and eye movement won’t be compromised.

Although it resembles a ski mask, these goggles are sticking out too much, making them great for beach vacations and blocking harmful sun rays, as it offers complete UV protection, shatterproof and waterproof construction. These dog goggles are secured with adjustable head and chin bands for a snug and comfortable fit. The inner side of the frame is padded with breathable foam, so you don’t need to worry about skin irritation and chafing.

Since they are a one-piece product, you need to be careful about the measurements and pick these goggles for medium to large-sized breeds. The goggles are also not foldable, but you can store them neatly in a glasses pouch or keep them on the dog all the time as they adapt to the light and don’t bother the dog, even when he’s resting or sleeping.

Customers like how their furry friends enjoy wearing these goggles and are amazed by the product’s quality and sturdiness.

Enjoying Dog Goggles – Small Dog Sunglasses

Although there are 3 standard sizes available (S, M, L), these goggles are mostly suitable for smaller and teacup size breeds, like Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, Affenpinscher, etc. The goggles were made to protect your pup from harsh weather conditions like a strong wind, harmful sun rays, debris, sand, insects, etc. The goggles are UV protective, waterproof, and shatterproof for all outdoor conditions and in-nature activities.

If your pup suffers from impaired vision, sensitive eyes, cataracts, or has undergone eye surgery; these dog goggles are ideal as a protection tool. They come with two broad bands, one wraps around the head, and the other goes underneath the chin area, so the goggles don’t get loose and fall off if, for instance, your pup likes to stick his head out of the window in a moving car.

These goggles are also foldable and practical for putting on, made to optimize comfort and a light-weight feel. 

Customers are satisfied with this product and find it convenient for small dogs who normally can’t wear dog glasses that can’t be tightened enough for a firm fit.

COCOPET Dog Goggles

These affordable, fun goggles for small pets are another useful canine eyewear for providing maximum protection. They come in many colors, and the unique design makes them cute and stylish for adorable dogs. They are waterproof, so your pup won’t have any problems when swimming, diving, or playing with a hose in the backyard.

The goggles come with two adjustable straps to secure them on the head, but they are elastic and wide enough not to cause irritation and choking. The inner side of the frame is padded with light and soft foam for even more comfort while wearing them. 

The goggles are trendy among customers since they are so modern and cute, but users also praise them for quality, durability, and attractive price. 

Loggipet Dog Goggles

These unique, futuristic goggles are for the toughest and awesome pups who need some help with eye protection. They are UV protective, foldable and waterproof, perfect for outdoor activities, picnics in the sun, vacations on the seaside, convertible or motorbike rides, and much more. The goggles are light-weight but made of flexible and durable materials to withstand wear and tear.

They come with tinted lenses and holes on the side of the frame to enable comfortable airflow and prevent fogging. The frame is also padded with foam for comfort and preventing skin irritation and debris from falling inside the goggles. 

Before purchasing, check the measurements since these dog goggles are mainly recommended for smaller dogs and pets (max. dog weight capacity 15 lbs).

Customers love these goggles for sun protection, mostly for dogs suffering from glaucoma, cataracts, sensitive eyes, etc.

Vevins Dog Goggles

These nifty goggles are as fun to use as they look. You can brighten up your grumpy dog with some pink shades available in different bright colors, or go for the more classic black or white for more majestic breeds. The goggles are UV protective, anti-fog, and come with tinted lenses for comfortable wearing in the sun. The frame and the lenses are waterproof so that you can use them for swimming, diving, in the rain, or you can protect your pup’s eyes from shampoo irritation when bathing them.

The smart design features vent holes on the frame’s side to enable uninterrupted airflow and prevent fogging. The inside of the goggles is padded with soft and breathable foam that not only improves comfort but also keeps the goggles free from sand, debris, dust, insects, and other nasty invaders. 

Whether you like motorcycle rides with your furry companion, playing in the sun, or swimming, these dog goggles will keep your dog’s eyes protected while giving them a cool look.

Buyers are satisfied with the price-quality ratio. They enjoy the design and report their dogs like to wear these glasses without any complaints.

Style Vault G006 Dog pet 80s Sunglasses

If you’re not into the whole sporty goggle look, these 80s-style classic sunglasses will protect your dog’s eyes while turning them into real doggy rock stars. From the font, they look just like human sunglasses, but from the back, they are reinforced with an adjustable strap that is attached around the head and can be loosened or tightened depending on the breed. These shades can be a fun present for your pup, a great prop for memorable photos or matching outfits with their human.

These dog goggles are UV protective and tinted for pleasant looking in the sun, but are not fitted for other weather conditions, such as strong wind, diving or swimming, preventing debris, etc. Given their purpose and adorable design, their price is reasonable, and customers just can’t get enough of their super modern four-legged buddies.

Keep in mind that these canine sunglasses are not fit for dogs with flat and wide snouts. Otherwise, they may fall off or work improperly. Check the breed recommendations on the brand’s website.

Cydnlive Cool Pet Sunglasses

Make your pet retro-chic with these fun and chill sunglasses for dogs and small pets. These punk rock sunglasses are a fun piece of accessory to protect your pup from the sun while looking stylish. They feature a thin, light-weight metal frame with plastic tinted lenses for bright and sunny days. If your dog is suffering from eye irritation, sensitivity to the sun, or needs to have its eyes protected, these sunglasses are a great gift.

Keep in mind that the product is most suitable for smaller breeds since the glasses are not flexible and adjustable. For more challenging outdoor activities that require advanced eye protection and safety, browse through our other picks in the list, but if you’re looking for fun and head-turning pup jewelry, these shades are the right choice for you.

Customers are delighted by the idea of calm and retro dog sunglasses and proudly show off their furry friends with these fabulous shades.

Final thoughts – Which dog goggles are the best for my dog?

Depending on your pup’s eye problems and everyday needs, you can take into account all the necessary criteria and find a perfect product in our list.

The most important features about dog goggles include UV protection, a firm but comfortable fit, the right size for your dog breed, easy adjustment, and finally, the right style.

All of the goggles and sunglasses presented in our review possess these qualities. It’s just up to your taste and preferences to find what will best serve your four-legged friend.