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An image of a muzzled dog usually immediately evokes a butch-type muscular dog with a mean expression. Although dog muzzles are used to help with excessive barking and biting, there are numerous reasons why dogs could wear a muzzle. In fact, some countries regulate by law that dogs need to be muzzled in public to prevent accidents. On the other hand, muzzles are great tools to help your pup kick a nasty habit of licking or picking on a wound that needs to heal. 

Choosing the right muzzle for your furry friend may come as too overwhelming, considering all the types, sizes, materials, and brands available. We’ve reviewed dozens of muzzles to come up with this list of top-rated products on the market that should help you find the perfect match for your furbaby. We’ve considered customer’s honest reviews and applied our 13-year long experience to present you only with top-notch muzzles you can find for an affordable price.

Which dogs and when do they need to wear a muzzle?

Most dogs who exhibit aggressive and attacking behavior are like that because of fear and anxiety of some kind. Dogs struggling with separation anxiety, for instance, show their disapproval and stress by chewing on furniture, excessively barking, nipping on their owners, just to express how they feel. dog muzzles are a useful tool that physically prevents dogs from harming others, barking, or hurting themselves (licking or picking on wounds). 

In some countries, it is obliged that the dog wears a snout protector as a precaution, and this mostly applies to large dogs or generally aggressive breeds. This is why people usually associate muzzles with mean-looking, charging dogs. That said, this doesn’t exclude the possibility of using a muzzle for training purposes or as a helping tool, for instance, at the vet when it is necessary for the dog to stay calm and not interfere with the vet’s examination. 

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When you shouldn’t turn to a dog muzzle

Since it covers the dog’s mouth and nose, some owners may think it would be a good idea to use a muzzle as a form of punishment or just to bluntly shut up their pet in situations where that kind of treatment isn’t healthy and a purposeful solution. If your dog suffers from chronic anxiety or has been expressing anger as a consequence of being badly treated in the past, then using a muzzle as a means of management can have a completely opposite effect.

If you repeatedly put a dog muzzle on your dog each time you’re not patient enough to deal with him, then he will learn to associate the object with something unpleasant, traumatic, and even more stressful. What’s more, the process of adjusting to a muzzle should be slow and patient, so you can efficiently teach the dog that it doesn’t mean they behaved wrongly. Still, it’s a necessary accessory to help them feel more comfortable around people or in triggering environments.

Buyer’s Guide – How to smartly pick a dog muzzle?

To be sure you found what you wanted, it’s crucial to take into account criteria that make a top-notch muzzle. Before making the purchase, ask yourself these questions:

What type do I need to get?

Depending on their purpose and shape, there are numerous types of dog muzzles to choose from. A basket muzzle is usually made of a sturdy, stiff material that looks like a basket put around the nose are. Since it’s incredibly airy and ample, it doesn’t do much for barking, but it’s a useful tool for preventing biting and chewing.

Leather muzzles are similar but are more famous for the durable and heavy-duty leather straps that proved very effective for aggressive dogs.

Soft muzzles are usually made of a strong fabric, nylon mesh, or polyester to be waterproof, smooth, and strong all at once and are better for dogs with longer and pointier snouts.

Wrap or sleeve muzzles are more purposeful for controlling barking. They wrap around the snout, preventing the dog from barking and growling. These dog muzzles need to be made of really comfortable and breathable materials to enable panting – crucial process dogs need to cool and maintain normal body temperature.

Which size should I get?

While this mostly depends on the product, the important measurements to know are the dog’s snout length and circumference. Some muzzles are also attached around the neck and head, so you’ll have to measure the whole head and neck area for the right fit. Look for products that are aimed at your dog’s breed. For instance, many brands make muzzles specifically for squat and thick snouts of Pitbulls and Terriers alike. This will show you not only how to find the right size but also the ergonomic shape of the dog muzzle.

Is it comfortable enough or terrifying for my dog?

Your furry friend may need a couple of months to get used to a device like this, but in general, the muzzle should be made to lay comfortably against the dog’s skin; it should be adjustable, soft, and breathable. Muzzles with too many straps, buckles, and attachments can be hard to put on correctly, thus can scare off the dog and make the whole experience terrible. Simple designs and quality materials promise a good fit and extended use. 

Best dog muzzles in 2020: Review

Considering all the essential features mentioned above, this list of best muzzles has something for everyone’s taste and needs. Check out our picks:

Best basket dog muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

This sturdy yet straightforward basket muzzle for dogs is ideal for canines with biting issues. Made of light-weight but durable rubber, the muzzle doesn’t put much pressure on the jaw and the snout. Like other basket muzzles, Baskerville’s excellent product allows the dog to eat, drink, and freely pant but is solid enough to protect from biting and unwanted chewing.

Its ergonomic design with adjustable buckles allows quick fitting and comfortable wear. The basket is made of malleable thermal plastic rubber, which can be further reheated, bent, and shaped to perfectly match any dog’s snout shape.

It comes in 6 sizes made to fit different breeds’ mouth measurements ( Dane, Labrador, Border Terrier, etc.), so you can compare the type and dimension to your dog’s mouth shape. To be sure about the right model, check the brand’s detailed sizing instructions and precise measures. You can get this muzzle in classic black or elegant beige if you want a softer look.

This dog muzzle was created with dogs in mind, meaning it won’t slip off or get destroyed thanks to the strapping system that comfortably but tightly keeps the muzzle secure on the snout.

Customers noticed their dogs quickly get used to wearing this muzzle and can freely go about their doggy lives with no restrictions. It’s also super affordable and definitely worth a try.

Best sleeve muzzle for large dogs

SMAROW Dog Muzzle

Smarow’s muzzle proved fantastic, thanks to its durable, breathable materials and comfortable fit. It’s made of nylon mesh fabric that eliminates irritation, skin marks, and itchiness while providing the needed tightness for maximum performance. On top of that, the vibrant pink lining will make any grumpy look like an adorable cuddler.

The snout strap is velcro and adjustable for girth, so you can easily tighten or loosen up the muzzle as required. It buckles on the neck base with a heavy-duty strap that can also be adjusted by length. This dog muzzle best serves dogs who have difficulty adjusting to vet checkups, biting, chewing, and aggressive behavior problems with people.

The company recommends around 3 months of adjustment for wearing the muzzle, however, customers noticed their dogs usually take an immediate liking to it. This product is made for temporary muzzling when the dog is uncomfortable and needs to be restrained for safety reasons, but not for everyday use. The muzzle comes in 4 sizes, mostly suitable for large and giant breeds with wider and pointier snouts. 

Best dog muzzle for narrow snouts

Coppthinktu Dog Muzzle

We present another soft muzzle ideal for dogs with pointy and narrow snouts. Don’t let its simple design, low price, and light-weight material lead you to believe this product is a hoax, as it is the simplicity and practicality of this muzzle that makes it so versatile and adored by most satisfied customers. The waterproof eco-friendly mask is made of breathable materials that don’t irritate the skin but keep it tight enough to prevent barking and biting.

The bottom part of the cover is wider and ergonomic to distribute the pressure evenly and enable comfortable panting. The coolest thing about this dog muzzle is that you don’t have to worry about sizing or idle purchases as the package comes with 7 different muzzles with various mask circumferences, which are all individually further adjustable for length. If you live in a multi-pet household or like to organize playdates for your dogs, the 7-package option can come in handy during scraps and fights over food.

You can also pick from 5 appealing, vibrant colors to fit your girly or boyish pup. Customers think this muzzle is very effective for controlling barking and preventing bites and aggressive chewing.

Best leather dog muzzle for square snouts

CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle

This leather muzzle was created for breeds such as Pitbulls, Amstaff, Staffordshire Terriers, and other similar dogs with square fleshy snouts. Made out of genuine leather and handcrafted, this stylish bite-preventing muzzle will help your Pittie show off his might and toughness. It was carefully designed to tightly wrap around the nose and mouth area without compromising comfort and free movement of the jaw for panting, drinking, or munching on snacks.

Natural materials like leather are best for covering skin and are breathable but strong enough to withstand pulling, ripping, and tugging. The dog muzzle has adjustable straps around the neck and head area so that you can adapt the product to your dog’s size. It comes in black or light brown options and a one-size model that should fit the circumference of the snout of 14″ and the length of 3″.

Customers find this product useful for training dogs not to growl or attach other people or pets and notice the dogs don’t act up when wearing the muzzle. The price may be off the limit for some, but considering the quality of leather, this muzzle is proved wear-resistant and durable for the toughest of dogs.

Best wrap muzzle for controlling barking

Cilkus Dog Muzzle

Another fantastic product among soft dog muzzles, the Cilkus model, incorporates modern design into practicality and high-quality materials. The nylon mesh snout strap is so made to keep the muzzle clean and free from the stench, saliva stains, and unhygienic moisture. It’s completely machine washable, but it doesn’t get wrinkled and misshapen after washing.

The velcro mechanism easily adjusts it while you can tighten or loosen it up around the neck, thanks to an adjustable strap buckle. There are 4 sizes available, mostly suitable for stumpier snouts and larger dogs. Customers find it useful for barking and nipping prevention for dogs who can’t control growling, biting, and charging at people when on walks.

The Kilkus soft dog muzzle is a temporary solution in potentially dangerous situations and shouldn’t be used for more extended periods—all in all, a great tool to help you control your dog in stressful and challenging situations.

Best soft muzzle for small and medium-sized dogs

Crazy Felix Nylon Dog Muzzle 

Who says smaller dogs can’t wear a comfortable muzzle? The Crazy Felix mouth protector is a gentle and seamless product that prevents your small-headed puppy from biting and nipping. It’s so light-weight and ergonomic that dogs can wear it during walks, in the house around too many people, on trips, at the airport, or anywhere necessary.

The unique design of this mesh dog muzzle leaves ample space for deep breathing, panting, and since it is waterproof, the dog can also drink water or have some snacks while wearing it. It’s made of washable fabric you can put in the washing machine or hand clean with mild soap. The non-sticky nylon mesh is a perfect material for providing protection while eliminating chances of itchiness, sticking to fur, or saliva accumulating.

It is available in six sizes, from medium-sized breeds to larger ones. Satisfied buyers recommend using this muzzle for dogs with mild biting problems, like when on a walk and don’t want your dog nipping on passers and other pets. Make sure to check the measurement chart before purchasing the muzzle as smaller snouts can easily slip through the nose hole if the product is too big. All in all, this is a very cost-effective, practical muzzle for all types of dogs.

Best basket dog muzzle for aggressive behavior

Mayerzon Dog Muzzle

This sturdy muzzle is quite a challenge for the most stubborn and vocal biters. The basket is made of light-weight, non-toxic, durable rubber resistant to chewing, and cracking. The muzzle attaches around the head and neck with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. It was designed to help train aggressive and robust dogs who need support with correcting unwanted behavior (biting, growling, excessive barking, etc.).

The muzzle’s basket shape leaves enough space for panting, drinking, sniffing around, and occasional treats. It comes in 6 different sizes, from small and squat snouts to long and pointy ones. Mayerson offers a detailed explanation of each model size for customers to understand what to purchase. It’s easy to use and fasten just as it’s easy to take off.

Buyers’ experience shows that dogs have no issue wearing this dog muzzle and quickly get used to it on their daily doggy quests. The customers also like that this muzzle is suitable for puppies and dogs training to deter them from licking, chewing, and nipping while teething.

Final thoughts

Dog muzzles are an irreplaceable safety measure for all the pups who need some help to alter their behavior. Muzzles offer them a chance to become safe and approachable members of society and learn how to communicate with other pets and humans properly. A good quality muzzle needs to provide safety and tight attachment above all, as well as be comfortable, breathable, and ample for normal panting and breathing. 

If you end up opting for any of the products reviewed above, you won’t find any disappointments. In fact, all listed muzzles proved to perform excellently and pay off in the long run. Therefore, based on your needs and preferences, carefully pick the product that will best fit your pup, and don’t forget to measure their snout before looking for options!