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Once seen as a strictly hospital piece of equipment, a dog stretcher for transport has become not only available for home use but also a trendy tool that has helped thousands of disabled dogs and their owners go about their normal daily activities.

Whether your pooch has been temporarily injured, struggles with arthritis have difficulty moving, etc., this transport device will provide you with a safe, stress-free way of moving your dog to any desirable place.

Most of these products are light-weight, easy to fold and store anywhere and comfortable enough to safely keep the dog secured during transport. That said, out of the array of many options on the market, there are products that achieved the best results according to users, which is why we’re here to present you with the top-notch choices for 2020.

Based on our 13-year long experience, we’ve come up with this buyer’s guide to help you understand the qualities of a dog transport stretcher, how to pick the right size, and find optimal prices for your budget.

Read up to see our final thoughts and top picks!

Why get a Dog Stretcher?

Most dog owners don’t even know that they could utilize a transport stretcher.

While its purpose is almost essential with injured, arthritic, immobile dogs, a product like this can be useful for healthy dogs as well, whose owners need some help moving them around. Climbing stairs, getting into the car, or being in places such as the airport, on the bus, etc. can become quite challenging with large dogs. A transport stretcher is an excellent tool for outdoor activities and traveling with your pet.

Best Dog Stretcher for 2020

Check out these 7 fantastic products and decide on the best purchase for your needs:

JorVet Animal Stretcher


  • Dimensions : 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 1 Pound
  • Brand: Jorvet
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs
  • Additional info: Product can be shipped within the U.S.

This traditional-looking dog stretcher much resembles a typical hospital transport stretch, which is why its construction, design, and quality provide the best results.

It features three main secure belts, each wrapped around the crucial points around your dog’s body – front limbs, waist/belly, and hind limbs, to ensure maximum safety. The belts are fully adjustable, with strong buckles that are easily attached in a hurry. The stretcher comes with a handle on one side to enable comfortable use, and a pair of wheels on the other, turning it into a stretcher-gurney hybrid. A transport stretcher usually requires two people for lifting and carrying, but with the attached wheels, you can transport your dog like you would pull a cart. The wheels can come in handy, especially in emergencies, inconvenient time restraints, and when crossing over the rough terrain of some sort.

This light-weight but sturdy stretch is made of a metal frame and a nylon material attached to it. Since the laying surface is smooth and waterproof, it’s convenient for cleaning with just a few swipes with a wet cloth. 

While customers noticed that the assembly is a bit tricky, they’ve also reviewed the product as cost-effective and efficient performance-wise, once set up.

Furthermore, the stretcher is wide enough to withstand a large dog (up to 200 pounds), or you buckle up your small dog and turn it into a cozy bed to snuggle.

Key features

  • Best performance with large and giant dog breeds
  • Light-weight but sturdy
  • Comes with a set of rear wheels
  • Safety handle on the front
  • Convenient for lifting

Rescue Essentials’ QuikLitter Dog Stretcher


  • Dimensions : 74 x 28 x 0.1 inches; 13.44 ounces
  • Brand: Rescue Essentials
  • Maximum weight capacity: 500 lbs

Yes, this stretcher was initially targeted for human use, but bear with us until we prove to you that it can perform just as excellently for our furry companions!

Users noticed that the construction, design, and weight capacity of this quality product might just be perfect for their large and giant pooches, and they were right. Not even weighing a full pound and being made entirely out of non-woven material, this dog stretcher is fully foldable into the size of an easily-packed tube. It features handles on all sides of the rectangular shape, making it easily lifted and manipulated from all sides.

If you need to lift your injured dog up the stairs, transport it to your car, or back home, this nifty tool is just right for the job. 

Customers find this stretcher cost-effective but satisfactory for helping their dog with simple mobility challenges. It’s an optimal choice for those on the budget who need a transport bed for convenient moving.

Key features

  • Highly affordable
  • Extremely Light-weight
  • Easily stored and folded
  • Versatile (efficient for both humans and dogs)

LINE2design Portable Transport Unit 


  • Dimensions : 9 x 9 x 9 inches; 1.55 Pounds
  • Brand: LINE2design
  • Maximum weight capacity: 1500 pounds

Is it a bag? Is it a package? No, it’s the most adaptable transport stretcher you could find!

 Top-rated among dog owners, this fully foldable transport unit is a great device to help you move your dog from the EMS stretcher to the hospital bed, place the dog in a car, or carry him up and down the stairs.

It comes with 14 handles firmly attached all around the stretcher for convenient handling and carrying. You don’t need to worry about it cracking or tearing, as it can withstand up to a whopping 1500 pounds of weight! The design also includes a large backboard pocket (attached sleeve at the rear side) for patients who need additional security during the moving process. If your dog gets restless and scared quickly, this attachment is useful for ensuring safety and keeping the dog in place during transport.

Buyers who work in rescue centers, emergency response teams, and similar organizations found a fantastic way to utilize this dog stretcher for both injured people and giant dogs in need that require emergency transport and care. All in all, it’s a multi-purpose, cost-effective product worth trying out.

Key features

  • Enviable weight capacity
  • Sturdy but light-weight
  • 14 safety handles
  • Attached pocket for hind limbs
  • Versatile – suitable for humans and canines

Mega Mover’s Portable Dog Stretcher


  • Dimensions: 78.74 x 39.37 x 0.2 inches; 1.1 Pounds
  • Brand: Graham Medical
  • Maximum weight capacity: 500 pounds

Another great versatile product for both humans and dogs. The 12 handles make it easily portable, ensure a tight but comfortable grip, and the stretch is approachable from all angles to help a safer and fast transport.

Need to lift your dog in a jeep, help him climb the stairs, or put him on a bed? This dog stretcher can give you just what you want. When folded, it reduces to the size of a folded sweatshirt, so you can easily store it in your trunk, bag, under the bed, closet, or even hang on the wall. The thin but durable material makes it easy to stretch beneath a bed-confined dog. While it may come across as flimsy, its smart but simple design makes this a product worthy of praise. The handles are intertwined and depend on each other, enabling even weight distribution and making it almost impossible to turn over or wobble.

The top cover is easily cleaned; it’s comfortable and strong enough to endure lots of weight pressure.

All in all, a versatile, cost-effective product for easy and comfortable canine transporting.

Key features

  • Light-weight
  • 12 handles
  • Washable materials
  • Fully foldable

Patient Aid Portable Dog Stretcher


  • Dimensions : 12.5 x 10.7 x 2.1 inches; 1.65 Pounds
  • Brand: Patient Aid
  • Maximum weight capacity: 600 lbs

This soft mobility sheet is another great combo of cost-effectiveness and quality. It can be used to transport vet patients to a hospital bed or for everyday repositioning for disabled or injured dogs.

It comes with 4 heavy-duty handles on each corner of the sheet, enabling safe and comfortable use. You can stretch the sheet open for larger dogs, or fold it, so it resembles a bag, suitable for smaller breeds. 

The stretcher is machine washable, or you can quickly clean it with a damp cloth for multiple uses during the day.

Customers think this sheet is a real bargain – great for transferring around the house, in the car, as well as emergency lifting and transport to the hospital. 

Key features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy-duty grip handles
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable

Walkin’ Transport Stretcher for Dogs


  • Dimensions : 10 x 10 x 2 inches; 1.25 Pounds
  • Brand: Walkin’ Pets
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds

This dog stretcher is an excellent investment for medium-sized and small breeds. Specifically designed to fit a dog’s anatomy, this comfortable stretcher will help you transport your dog efficiently and quickly from anywhere. It comes in safety red, in case of ambulance transfers.

The product comes with an optional safety strap for the dog’s waist, but if you need to put your four-legged friend in a sitting or backward position, the belt won’t get in your way. Apart from the 4 main heavy-duty handles in the corners, the stretcher is additionally improved with two more handles on the sides. The soft and durable nylon makes this stretcher fully washable, but comfortable and breathable enough for the dog’s coat and skin.

Use the side handles to carry the dog in one hand, or team up with someone to use the full capacity of the sheet – the possibilities are versatile!

Of course, the stretcher is fully foldable, easily stored away and assembled on the spot. 

What customers like most about this product is that it not only serves the purpose of a hospital stretcher but is nifty enough to be used with healthy dogs who just need a bit of a push when climbing stairs, getting comfortable in a car, or just have to be carried in certain places, like at the airport, on the bus, etc.

Designed by a well-known dog supply manufacturer “Walkin’ Friends” who have tons of experience with canine needs, it’s safe to conclude that this is a reliable and highly requested product among dog enthusiasts who want the best for their impaired pooches.

Key features

  • versatile
  • Canine-specific, well-designed dog stretcher
  • High-quality materials
  • Washable
  • 6 handles for maximum support
  • Optional safety strap in the middle
  • Bright colors (red or blue) for visibility

MiMu Large Animal Stretcher


  • Dimensions : 8 x 10.5 x 3.5 inches; 1.66 Pounds
  • Brand: MiMu
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 pounds

This veterinary stretcher helps large and giant dogs get transported easily and quickly. The unit is light-weight but durable to withstand a lot of weight. Thick red nylon is the perfect material for this type of a tool, as it is visible, fully washable and easily folded to the size of a clothing item. It features 4 corner handles for convenient manipulation, with 2 optional handles on the sides for more massive dogs. 

This dog stretcher also offers a safety strap in the middle, which is fully adjustable to fit different dog sizes and waist circumference. 

Users think it is definitely worth the money and lives up to expectations. Furthermore, it’s cost-effective and gives the right balance of the price and quality.

Key features

  • Affordable
  • More suitable for large and giant breeds
  • Thick and durable nylon material
  • Features 6 handles (2 on the sides and 4 in the corners)

Final verdict: Best Dog Stretcher?

Based on the quality, price, popularity among users, and durability, the optimal choice for most user profiles would be the Walkin’ Transport Stretcher for Dogs. Specifically made for dogs, by an experienced company in the field, this fantastic stretcher is a good investment for all disabled, injured or immobile dogs who need safety and comfort while being transported.

Made of promising materials and an ergonomic design, everyone who used it thought it was definitely worth the money. Moreover, the product showed to be quite durable in the long run and after multiple uses.

That said, multi-purpose units like Patient Aid Portable Dog Stretcher, or Rescue Essentials’ QuikLitter Transport Stretcher can withstand much more weight and can be used for transporting people as well. It all boils down to your needs and for what purpose you intend to use a stretcher.

Whichever product mentioned on our list you choose to purchase will, by all means, prove useful in some way. Whether it is durability, easy storage, versatility, or cost-effectiveness that you look for, all of the units are worth a try.