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Dog Tent

Being natural wanderers, it’s no surprise that dogs make an ideal camping buddy – they’re always up for an adventure, they need little equipment and preparation, and their toilet breaks are always quick and unnoticeable in the wilderness.

An exemplary camper like this definitely deserves a cozy but sturdy private nook to get a good night’s sleep and stay dry.

A dog tent is specifically designed to provide protection, warmth, and safety for our furry friends on outdoor adventures, and at the same time, provide you with more comfort and space in the regular tent. 

Based on 13 years of experience in the business, as well as customers’ honest reviews, we’ve created a list of 12 best dog tents available to help you find the one that fits your dog’s needs. We based our review on the most critical features, such as material durability, practicality, size options, and more. We’ve also prepared some useful tips on how to get started with the purchase and what customers find essential when getting a tent for their pooch.

How does a dog tent make a difference?

Many campers still let their pups sleep next to them in the same tent, but that’s probably because most have yet to discover the fantastic benefits of a separate sleeping area. 

Yes, cuddling with your four-legged friend is the fun part of the shared experience, but once it’s time to fall asleep, it can turn into a nightmare.

Dogs have a unique sleeping schedule, with lots of napping and waking up during the night, often followed by lots of fidgeting, tossing a turning, sometimes even nibbling and licking in the middle of the night. 

Dogs also have a distinct, somewhat unpleasant natural smell that can become overpowering in an enclosed space and quickly make the tent unbearable for sleeping. There’s also stuffiness and heat that can bother both humans and the dog.

A dog tent allows your pup to enjoy their night routine, feeling safe and unexposed without interrupting your sleep. 

A dog tent can also be a life-saver during scorching summer beach trips for protecting your pup from sunburn, heat strokes, and dehydration. Waterproof and windproof tents are a haven during weather conditions changes, for instance, if you need to prolong your trip and are forced to spend a few more days in the wilderness.

Dog tents are made to be practical. Those worthy of consideration are mostly light-weight, collapsible, easily stored, and set up quickly when needed. Concerning the prices, if you know you’ll travel a lot and are a camping junkie, then the tent definitely pays off in the long run. If outdoor trips count as a one-time occasion, then it can serve as a protective cover in the backyard, a dog house for chilling outside, or even as a kennel – the tent is multi-purposeful and versatile.

Features a good dog tent should have

If you are thinking about getting your dog a tent, there are some criteria to consider before purchasing. First, determine the purpose of the tent: Does it need to provide UV protection? Am I going to move it a lot? Does it need to be foldable? Here are some more features to look into:


Camping trips, outdoor adventures, and traveling require easy storage and effortless portability. Look for collapsible tents that are easy (and small in size) to fold and also equally straightforward to the assembly when needed. There are various mechanisms available, with rods and attachments, or the ones with a pulling mechanism. 


This is an important feature if you’re on the go and don’t have enough time to deal with attachments and intricate parts. Dog tents usually come with a pop-up mechanism, so you need to pull a string, and the tent sets itself up. That said, traditional tents with rods and sleeves are generally more sturdy and durable compared to other designs.


Keeping your pup safe and dry during the night is essential. Pick tents that are waterproof and water-resistant. There are also elevated ones from the ground to keep the dog safe from the wet and cold environment. Check out Waterproof Dog Bed

Appropriate size

This doesn’t classify as a feature; nevertheless, it’s crucial to pick the right one. Depending on the dog breed, weight and size, choose tents that are ample for comfortable lying but not too big to become heavy and cumbersome. 

Breathable materials

Since they are built to be closed and secure, dog tents must be made of breathable materials. Mesh nylon and polyester are best for providing protection; they are strong enough to endure pressure and possible punctures and are breathable and airy.


A good tent should be stable and durable to withstand any harsh weather conditions and challenging terrain. You don’t want your tent collapsing, or the moment there’s a mild wind. The heavier the construction, the sturdier the tent, which means you may need to compromise – do you prefer compatibility over durability or vice-versa?

Best dog tents for 2020: Product Review

Taking into account all the above-mentioned features, our experience-based evaluation, and the customers’ opinion on the products, we’ve created this list of best dog tents available on the market in 2020. Check out our top picks:

Indoor & Outdoor Pop-up Travel Dog Tent

K9 Sport Sack

This master of practicality is ideal for adventurous hikers and busy campers who need to move quickly. The k9 Sport Sack operates on a pop-up mechanism, meaning it literally pops up into its full form, requiring no assembly. When you’re ready to go, just press it down into a flat, light-weight component and easily store it anywhere. The tent is small and compact, suitable for teacup and small dog breeds. It can be used as a temporary outdoor kennel, playpen, or portable crate. The tent comes with a carry bag with a handle to make the packing easier and practical. 

The tent is waterproof and UV resistant, but it is designed with side straps made of mesh material to provide proper ventilation and airflow.

At K9 Sport Sack, customers have the opportunity to exchange the size thanks to the 60-day quality guarantee. Customers find this product extremely versatile, fast to set up and pack, while dogs seem to get pretty comfortable and relaxed in it in no time.

Outdoor Dog Tent


While not necessarily a typical dog tent, this outdoor dog bed can find its purpose on camping trips, picnics, beach trips, and similar outdoor activities. It comes with an elevated platform to keep the dog away from the hot pavement or wet, cold ground, and with a tent-like canopy cover for sun, rain, and wind protection. Since it isn’t fully enclosed, the bed is great for large breeds or several smaller dogs who enjoy playing and sleeping together. The open concept allows the dog to roam around freely whenever she wants and then get back to bed for a quick snooze or to find protection from the blistering sun. The bed is reinforced with a strong steel frame, cover with high-quality oxford fabric, breathable and comfortable for lying.

Customers mostly like this bed for group gatherings like picnics, backyard barbecuing, chilling on the beach, one-day hiking tours, etc., rather than long camping trips and adventures in the wilderness. 

Yola Dog Camping Tent

This heavy-duty piece of equipment is a serious camping buddy for all the advanced campers, backpacking venturers, and mountain climbing challenges. Although it isn’t as practical to assemble as other compact dog tents, this Yolafe product resembles more of a classic tent design, providing maximum protection, sturdiness, and guarantee stability even under the harshest weather conditions. Still, the tent is intuitive and straightforward to set up, with the cross-brace construction that allows a quick 4-step set-up. Whether you’re road-tripping, in a forest camping, on the beach, in your back yard, this tent will adapt to any circumstances and outdoor conditions.

The inner surface is made of breathable and strong oxford fabric, while the upper cover is waterproof, UV proof, and breathable for proper ventilation. The construction frame is made of stable fiberglass, perfectly light-weight for transporting but durable for long-lasting use. The product comes in universal size (43″ x 43″ x 2″), suitable for both smaller breeds and larger ones like Goldens, Labradors, Pitbulls, etc. If you have a giant dog breed, this dog tent could be a bit tight.

Customers point out the versatility, stability, and quality of this tent, praising the materials and the solid construction.

Alcott Pup Dog Tent

Another fantastic addition to the backpacking kit is this one-size universal Alcott pup tent. It mostly serves hikers, campers, road-tripping enthusiasts who need good coverage and weather protection for their accompanying dogs. It’s made of a waterproof inner layer, features 4 optional mesh windows (for proffer airflow and ventilation), and comes in a practical travel bag for easy storage. 

The tent is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs (tent size: 32″ x 42″ x 30″). Since it lays flat on the ground, you can add extra padding to it, such as a blanket, waterproof bed, protective mat/cover, or anything your pup needs for a good night’s sleep.

Buyers are satisfied with the protection and shelter it provides and how quick and easy it is to put up. 

Pettom Dog/Cat Camping Tent

We present yet another camping piece of equipment, a safe retreat for your furry friend on a weekend getaway, or outdoor activities and gatherings. The classic rod-sleeve design is not only smart and sturdy but made to be quickly assembled and folded back in no time. 

This dog tent comes in one size (45.3″ x 34.6″ x 28.3″), allowing small to medium-sized dogs or even cats to lie and use it comfortably. Pettom had canine wellbeing in mind when creating this tent, focusing on durable and robust materials: the tent bottom is made of water-resistant polyester, and the rods are constructed of durable fiberglass. It also features 4 mesh windows on the sides (with optional covers) for better ventilation, protection from bugs and mosquito bites, and to enable the dog a clear view.

To properly set up the tent, check out a 6-step assembly instruction on the product description site.

Buyers’ experience is more than positive, focusing on affordability, quality of construction and materials, and forgetting what is promised in the description.

Lifeunion Waterproof Pet Dog Tent

This portable camo tent will complete your wilderness adventures with your furry companion. Lifeunion created this classic tent structure, promising stability and guaranteeing solid form even under strong wind and unpleasant weather conditions. The set-up may appear confusing, but it’s actually quite intuitive when you get a hold of it, plus you get detailed instructions on how to install the tent safely. It is neatly packed in a travel bag for practical storing and carrying around where necessary.

This dog tent is made of durable waterproof polyester, while the rods are made of light-weight fiberglass. The tent is available in one size (27.6″ x 21.7″ x 20.9″), suitable for puppies, small dogs, cats, and medium-sized breeds. It lays flat on the ground, so you can pad it with an additional mat, blanket, or your pup’s favorite bed.

Customers like the bold fun prints and gladly use the tent inside and outside the house. 

PURRFECT FENCE Purrfect Play Dog Tent

Although originally designed as an enclosed playpen for cats, this universal tent is ideal for small to large dogs who need protection and a place for sleeping outdoors. Made of sheer, breathable mesh, this ample tent is light as a feather yet made to last and protect. For additional rain and UV protection, you can add the removable weather guard, a water-resistant polyester cover placed on top of the tent.

What stands out about this dog tent is the remarkable space the pet gets inside, so several dogs or cats can use it simultaneously. You can also line it with a mat, dog bed, equip it with toys, blankets, and other accessories to turn it into a comfortable snoozing castle. 

It works on a zipper mechanism and a collapsible fiberglass framework for quick installation. 

Customers like to use this tent not only for yard chilling and as a balcony dog kennel but for camping trips, picnics, road trips, fishing excursions, and others. What’s more, the tent is foldable and neatly fits a portable bag (included in the package).

Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Dog Tent

Pack your rucksacks because it’s time for a camping adventure with your furry buddy! Winterial Outdoor pop-up tent is unique, washable, waterproof, and easily portable. It comes fully assembled, with the pop-up mechanism that enables you to set it up almost anywhere: as an indoor or a balcony kennel, a shelter for sun protection, or a camping tent on outdoor trips.

Buyers like the smart design with a simple zipper for the door or a window hole. It’s made of high-quality materials, while the bottom lining is machine washable. It features an inch thick foam pad for maximum comfort and ergonomic feel.

A carry bag is also included for convenient car packing and storage. 

Buyers are mostly satisfied with this product, emphasizing how easily portable and easy to install it is. Whether you have a pup, a cat, a small dog, a medium-sized dog, this uni-size tent will do the job!

ANMO Pet Cot Tent Canopy Shelter Dog Bed

This is another fantastic example of an elevated bed-tent for outdoor chilling or traveling on foot. It best fits small to medium-sized dogs (bed size: 30 x 24 x 30 ‘’; 5.15 lbs). The elevated lying surface protects the dog from rugged terrain, hot pavement, or cold and dingy ground, maintains proper airflow, and provides cloud-like comfort and ease. 

Buyers’ favorite characteristics of this dog tent are the sturdy and comfortable material, foldable design, and the optional tent cover that quickly transforms the bed into a protective tent. Navy blueprint is an attractive plus for this comfy dog shelter. Note that this is not an enclosed tent that will keep your dog in place, but an outdoor bed with a protective weather cover that is most suitable for supervised outdoor gatherings and activities that don’t require the dog to be fully enclosed.

Ruff’ N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

Ruff’N Ruffus has a revolutionary approach to dog tents and portable outdoor beds, which is best shown in this multi-purpose, extra comfy foldable dog playpen. Its unique design enables it to serve as a secure indoor playpen; it can be placed outside on the patio, used as an outdoor kennel, or as a protective tent on the road or when in the wilderness.

You can leave it open or quickly slide the protective cover for the blistering sun or rain. The sides are covered with a sheer, breathable mesh, not to make the dog feel claustrophobic or tightly enclosed and also to maximize airflow and comfort.

The bottom is padded with an extra mat to enable comfortable sleeping and relaxing.

Buyers are fascinated with the versatility and modern design of this product and find it cost-effective compared to similar products. Finally, you can fold this fantastic piece of equipment into a travel bag and carry it wherever you need it.

Final tip: How to teach a dog to use the tent

Like any other training, teaching a dog to use the tent is all about positive associations and consistent repetition. Just like you wouldn’t enclose your dog in a crate and leave him be, you shouldn’t put your pup in the tent for the first time in the middle of a backpacking trip. 

Start by setting up the dog tent in your home or yard. Put some treats, his favorite toys, blankets, or anything the dog enjoys playing with within the tent and let him explore and sniff around. Let your pooch understand that the tent is a safe environment, a place for sleeping, relaxing, and having some quality alone time. 

Once the pup is relaxed and confident around the tent, practice zipping it for short periods. Eventually, the dog will get familiar with the tent entirely and won’t even notice the difference.

If you used to sleep with your dog in the tent, it’s best to disassociate the habit before the actual trip with a dog tent. When at home, try tucking the dog in a tent and see if it’s possible to leave him there the whole night. Keep in mind that patience and positive reinforcements are a must, so give plenty of back pats, treats, and vocal praise. If you notice that by being in the tent your dog is too stressed and upset, slow down the process and take baby steps. Forcing things will just do irreversible damage.