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Dog Water Bottle

Best Dog Water Bottle – Top Choices For 2021

There’s no question about the importance of hydration for our furry friends. However, finding a durable, high-capacity yet compact and safe dog water bottle can be a daunting quest.  Depending on your dog’s size, snout shape, and level of physical activity, you need to look for different features in a water bottle that will also determine the price. We’ve tested and scrutinized dozens of dog water bottles of various designs and shapes to be able to present you with top-rated products that are a fantastic choice for different purposes and customers’ needs. Check out what we have prepared for you,...

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Dog Bath Tub

Best Dog Bath Tub of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

While turning to professional groomers is essential for keeping our pups fresh and clean, we all know that it’s simply not feasible to run to the salon each time your furry rascal gets a bit muddy.  Home dog bathing, on the other hand, can leave your bathroom looking like a crime scene. Dog bath tubs and grooming tubs are specifically made to facilitate dog bathing and leave your home mess-free. Portable ones are also a great option as you can put them outside on the patio or in your yard to avoid your dog running soaking wet around the house. ...

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Dog Goggles

Best Dog Goggles of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

Why should cool eyewear be reserved just for humans? Our pups are just as susceptible to UV rays, injury to the eye, sand, debris, wind as we are. Of course, their adorable snouts, ears, and head shape prevent them from wearing our shades, thankfully dog goggles and sunglasses have been a thing for some time, and they not only provide protection and safety, but they are also stylish piece of accessory. Dog goggles need to be designed to comfortably and securely fit your pup’s eyes and head while withstanding all the jumping, running, and snooping around without falling off.  That’s...

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tactical dog harness

Best Tactical Dog Harness of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

Have you ever wondered why military working and service dogs have such badass outfits? Apart from making our furry officers look more authoritarian and dangerous, tactical dog harnesses and vests are designed to optimize safety, performance, and control on the job. Luckily, this amazing heavy-duty gear is available for our home pups too, and can actually bring tremendous advantages compared to standard harnesses and collars. To help you understand what the best tactical harness should offer and find the one that adheres to all your needs, we’ve prepared a review with top-notch models available on the market. How is a...

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portable dog fence

Best Portable Dog Fence of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

Just like us, our furry companions sometimes need a place for themselves, whether it’s because of their safety, our protection, or to provide them with a quiet and isolated nook. Dog kennels have been serving us for decades in the backyard, but they don’t offer the convenience and options as a portable dog fence might. Portable fences are an easy and quick solution for installing a solid barrier for your dog when you need him to be enclosed for a limited period. From camping and yard barbecues to potty training and indoor time-out space, portable fences give ample room and...

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