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Dog Water Bottle

Best Dog Water Bottle – Top Choices For 2021

There’s no question about the importance of hydration for our furry friends. However, finding a durable, high-capacity yet compact and safe dog water bottle can be a daunting quest.  Depending on your dog’s size, snout shape, and level of physical activity, you need to look for different features in a water bottle that will also...

January 11, 2021February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
Dog Bath Tub

Best Dog Bath Tub of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

While turning to professional groomers is essential for keeping our pups fresh and clean, we all know that it’s simply not feasible to run to the salon each time your furry rascal gets a bit muddy.  Home dog bathing, on the other hand, can leave your bathroom looking like a crime scene. Dog bath tubs...

January 11, 2021February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
Dog Goggles

Best Dog Goggles of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

Why should cool eyewear be reserved just for humans? Our pups are just as susceptible to UV rays, injury to the eye, sand, debris, wind as we are. Of course, their adorable snouts, ears, and head shape prevent them from wearing our shades, thankfully dog goggles and sunglasses have been a thing for some time,...

December 21, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
tactical dog harness

Best Tactical Dog Harness of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

Have you ever wondered why military working and service dogs have such badass outfits? Apart from making our furry officers look more authoritarian and dangerous, tactical dog harnesses and vests are designed to optimize safety, performance, and control on the job. Luckily, this amazing heavy-duty gear is available for our home pups too, and can...

December 17, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
portable dog fence

Best Portable Dog Fence of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

Just like us, our furry companions sometimes need a place for themselves, whether it’s because of their safety, our protection, or to provide them with a quiet and isolated nook. Dog kennels have been serving us for decades in the backyard, but they don’t offer the convenience and options as a portable dog fence might....

December 10, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
dog leash holder

Best Dog Leash Holder of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

It’s crazy to think that you would need a thing such as a dog leash holder…or is it?  Beds, crates, toys, blankies, mats, pads, bowls, little outfits, brushes, and grooming supplies… Keeping dogs indoors brings a lot of clutter and mess if we don’t organize them properly.  Just think about a typical dog walk and...

December 8, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
Retractable Dog Leash

Best Retractable Dog Leash of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

Compared to a traditional short one, a retractable dog leash makes dog walking a little less limiting for our pooches. While some dog parents don’t find them strong enough for handling large breeds, with the right product and important features chosen wisely, a retractable leash can become your favorite piece of the dog walking kit....

December 3, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
Dog Tent

Best Dog Tent – According to Dog Experts 2021

Being natural wanderers, it’s no surprise that dogs make an ideal camping buddy – they’re always up for an adventure, they need little equipment and preparation, and their toilet breaks are always quick and unnoticeable in the wilderness. An exemplary camper like this definitely deserves a cozy but sturdy private nook to get a good...

November 26, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
dog muzzle

Best Dog Muzzles of 2021 – Dogs Shelter

An image of a muzzled dog usually immediately evokes a butch-type muscular dog with a mean expression. Although dog muzzles are used to help with excessive barking and biting, there are numerous reasons why dogs could wear a muzzle. In fact, some countries regulate by law that dogs need to be muzzled in public to...

November 20, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs
Waterproof Dog Bed

Waterproof Dog Bed – Top Choices For 2021

There are multiple reasons why your furry snoozer may be messing up his bed, but none of them are worthy of the endless scrubbing, smelly stained fabric, and all the stress induced by constant cleaning with no practical results. A waterproof dog bed is a lifesaver for dog parents who deal with canine incontinence, puppies...

November 2, 2020February 17, 2021In Blog, Dogs