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Dog Bandanas

Just like with children, more and more dog parents enjoy playing dress-up with their furbabies. Unlike clothes and costumes, dog bandanas are simple, practical, but stylish accessories, perfect for expressing your puppy’s personality, but also useful for protection and convenience if necessary.

From high-end pieces to more affordable ones, dog bandanas come in various styles and sizes, which is why it is sometimes difficult to find a fitting purchase. 

Check out our experience-based buyer’s guide for best dog bandanas in 2021 and try out these top-rated models for your furry friend. We’ve made an optimal selection of the best bandanas based on their quality, sizes, design, adjustability, and additional features. 

Why should I get my dog a bandana

Why do people buy earrings, scarfs, and other accessories? The same applies to our four-legged friends who need that little something to look adorable and unique. Whether it’s a celebration or just a simple walk, bandanas are straightforward to use but effective when you want to dress up your pup and emphasize their cuteness to show it off. Some dog breeds, like the Pitbull or the Rottweiler, often come off as intimidating or aggressive just by their physical characteristics. A bandana can help soften their look and make them more approachable and cute.

Apart from aesthetic reasons, dog bandanas can also protect smaller, short-haired dogs from sunburns, frostbites, or other weather conditions (depending on the bandana’s material). They can also replace a collar with dogs who have sensitive or very sleek fur, as the collars can sometimes be too irritating and harsh on the skin.

 There are also bandanas made explicitly for cooling for your pooch to get through the scorching summer days. If your dog is dealing with anxiety, sleep deprivation, or just simple nervousness, you can apply a few drops of calming essential oils on the dog bandanas to soothe your dog’s nerves and help them relax.

Which size to pick for my dog?

While it will depend on how the dog will wear it, the dog bandanas should be at least 6 inches longer than the circumference of their neck so that you can tie it comfortably. The most common way to tie a bandana is folding it in half (in the shape of a triangle), then wrapping it around the dog’s neck, similar to a scarf. Since it’s not usually made of stretchy fabrics, make sure not to tie the bandana too tight. There should be at least a two-finger gap underneath the bandana loosely; that’s how you know it won’t bother your dog or choke it.

What should I consider in a dog bandana?

There are some essential features to consider before buying the dog bandanas. To get from the product what you are looking for, make sure the bandana (or bandana set) covers these essential criteria:

Is it washable?

Our dogs are not really capable of keeping their belongings clean, especially products made of fabrics like bandanas. Make sure the model you choose is machine washable or at least easily cleaned. Most dog bandanas are made of cotton and polyester to provide durability and comfort but always check for the washing instructions before the purchase.

What kind of style do I need?

The style will mostly be a matter of your personal preferences. Luckily, bandanas come in an array of designs and patterns to suit any dog personality. Some brands make double-sided bandanas, which is excellent for experimenting with folding and changing wearing styles when you feel like switching it to the other side.

What size do I need?

As explained earlier, the bandana’s size is crucial for a comfortable and secure fit. Most brands offer measurement instructions for their products, as well as which bandana sizes are available. The dog bandanas packages sometimes come in a variety of sizes, so that could also be an option if you, for instance, have more dogs and want them all to wear matching bandanas. 

Do I need the cooling feature?

If your dog needs some support during the hot and humid days, opt for a cooling bandana that can maintain the dog’s normal temperature and help them stay refreshed and safe. That said, make sure to get your priorities straight, since cooling bandanas don’t come in so many exciting styles and designs. It all boils down to your dog’s needs.

Best dog bandanas in 2021

Here are some of the best-ranked dog bandanas on the market that adhere to any customers’ needs. Read on to find the perfect match for your four-legged friend.

FUNPET 4 Pcs Dog Bandanas

Bandana for all dog sizes

This uni-sized, adjustable bandana makes any pooch just plain adorable. It comes in a triangle shape (23.6” x 16.1” x16.1”) wide enough to fit large breeds, but can also be tied to accommodate smaller dogs. The package comes with 4 double-printed, 100 percent cotton bandanas in various patterns you can combine and switch for different occasions. In total, you get 8 different designs for a highly affordable price and guaranteed quality.

Customers reviewed these bandanas as very durable, stylish, and enjoy the variety of options and possibilities for wearing them. They can fit different dog sizes and are adjustable to fit various neck sizes casually. All in all, a highly requested product with almost no bad reviews.

Key features

  1. One multi-user size: 23.6″ x 16.1″ x16.1″
  2. 4 double-sided bandanas in one package (8 different designs)
  3. 100% cotton, but hand wash only
  4. Durable and adjustable 

Stonehouse Collection of Dog Bandanas

Medium to large dog breed bandana

Prepare for the cutest holiday photos with your furry friend thanks to this holiday-edition bandana set, with unique and stylish bandanas with holiday motifs for every celebration. Dress up your furbaby for Halloween, make him an elegant bib for the Thanksgiving feast, or add it as a cute accessory for Valentine’s date – and there are more options! The set comes with 6-holiday bandanas, each made of durable polyester that is completely machine washable. The bandanas are more suitable for medium and large dog breeds (5 x 1.25 x 7 inches), but it can be adjusted and tied so that it nicely fits smaller dogs as well. Buyers think it’s a fun and affordable set, great for holiday gatherings and fun dress-up. 

Key features

  1. Made for medium to large dogs: 5 x 1.25 x 7
  2. Foldable to change the size
  3. 6 Holiday designs: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day
  4. Material: Polyester
  5. Machine washable

Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas

From small to large breeds

The Odi Style store brings back the Lumberjack chic. Whether white, red, green, or navy blue, the buffalo plaid design fits every dog coat, size, and personality. The bandanas come in a set of 4 and can be bought in various sizes, depending on your dog’s measurements. The triangle shape is also easy to tie and is further adjustable if your dog has a larger or shorter neck. They are made of high-quality cotton yarn, meaning they are machine washable (40 degrees), making them very durable and breathable to provide comfort. Customers find these tartan check bandanas adorable, great for outdoor occasions like picnics, gatherings, bike rides, holidays, etc.

Key features

  1. Tartan check design, 4 colors
  2. Different sizes ( from small to large)
  3. Durable and robust cotton yarn material (80% cotton, 20 % polyester)
  4. Machine washable

KZHAREEN 3 Pack Dog Bandanas

Classy bibs for fancy occasions

Another fantastic option for medium or large-sized breeds, this Kzhareen dog bandana, is a perfect accessory for an adorable look. The bandana set comes with 3 reversible models in red, green, and blue, to match both boys and girls, or different coat colors. The bandanas are triangular, but with additional strings on the angles for easier adjustment and tying. Made of 100% cotton, these bandanas are both durable and comfortable, and completely washable. 

Satisfied customers praise their quality and cost-effectiveness, but mostly the stylish pattern and how easy they are to tighten or adjust to the dog’s neck. 

Key features

  1. Highly affordable
  2. 3 bandanas in one package (green, red, blue)
  3. Durable and breathable materials
  4. Machine washable
  5. Universal size: 32” neck side

Segarty Dog Bandanas

Casual bibs for everyday wear

The Segarty’s bandanas are so light-weight and breathable that the dogs don’t even notice wearing them, but they are everything but unnoticeable when it comes to style and character. Being double-sided, these bandanas offer unique and quirky designs to combine or wear interchangeably. They are made of linen cotton, washable material that perfectly fits any sensitive dog skin and coat length. It is produced in one size that fits most dogs as it can be adjusted for tying tightly or loosely, whatever feels most comfortable for your dog.

The set comes with 4 bandanas, which customers found very reasonably priced and great for trying out. All in all, a fantastic everyday-wear product for stylish pooches.

Key features

  1. Bandana set: 4 double-sided bandanas (8 different styles)
  2. Machine washable
  3. Universal size: 17.5 x 17.5 x 26 inches
  4. Adjustable for smaller and most large breeds
  5. Thin and breathable, comfortable for everyday wearing

ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana

Best cooling accessory

All for paws’ cooling bandana is a perfect combination of summer vibes and functionality. The cooling technology helps dogs stay refreshed and maintain normal body temperature when running, playing, or getting zoomies outside in the sun. The instructions are simple: just soak the dog bandanas in cold water and let it do the magic. It even works better when put in the freezer for some time for even longer refreshment. However, make sure not to put it on the dog upon getting it out of the freezer; wait a few minutes until it’s nice and pleasant to apply on the skin. 

Customers find this product a real lifesaver in boiling summer days, and also cute for everyday wear. It best fits medium and large dog breeds, but it can also be tied more tightly to accommodate smaller dogs.

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Key features

  1. Cooling technology
  2. 3 different sizes: small, medium large
  3. Comfortable and durable materials
  4. Washable

Remifa Dog Bandanas

The best variety in styles

These soft, comfortable handkerchiefs are as universal as their styling options. The package comes with 6 beautiful cotton bandanas with 2 different patterns each, offering a whopping 12 options to wear and combine. The bandanas are also long-lasting due to the double-layer sewed design, and fully washable. If you are looking for an affordable, everyday-wear set that offers various options and styles, this Remifa’s package is a perfect choice. Moreover, the bandanas are universal, fitting medium, and most large dogs. Before making a purchase, the company advises you to check your dog’s neck girth that should be around 9.8 – 18.8 inches to ensure a perfect fit. However, dog bandanas are foldable and adjustable so that you can tie it around any smaller dog as well.

Most customers got creative with the tying options with this bandana and enjoyed the variety and options they can get for less than $14.

Key features

  1. Package set: 6 double-sided bandanas
  2. Highly affordable
  3. Light, breathable cotton
  4. Two layers for improved durability
  5. Adjustable for different neck girths

VIPITH 8 Pack Triangle Dog Bandanas

Best bandanas for outdoor activities

Another high-quality, durable option for everyday use and outdoor wear. These bandanas come in a set of 8 models, all designed in classic plaid patterns but in different vibrant colors for everyone’s taste. When you think of a Golden on a picnic adventure, you think of these bandanas. They are light, breathable, absorbent, and comfortable for dogs who enjoy many activities, movement jumping, and exploring. This is why they are washable and easily folded for quick use and frequently changing. 

Buyers think they are adorable, and dogs enjoy wearing them as they are almost unnoticeable on their necks. It comes in a universal triangle-shaped size, adjustable for most dog breeds.

Key features

  1. High-quality cotton material
  2. 8 different plaid models
  3. Affordable
  4. Washable
  5. Light and comfortable for everyday wearing

Remy Roo Dog Bandanas

Chic and comfortable bandanas for smaller dogs

These trendy ergonomic bandanas are stepping up the design game. The modern pattern and sleek shape make it a perfect accessory for photoshoots and showing off your dog’s cuteness. Made of strong polyester, these bandanas are also very durable, easily lie against the shape of the dog’s neck, and are made to be effortlessly tied without tightening and irritation. 

Customers reviewed this product as of outstanding quality and definitely worth the money. They are simple, and knots don’t come undone easily. On top of that, they are highly fashionable and unquestionably unique on the market.

Key features

  1. Best fit for medium or smaller dogs
  2. Come in two sizes: small and large
  3. Unique designs
  4. Highly durable materials
  5. washable

Final thoughts: what is our top pick?

Based on our 13-year long experience and the customers’ honest reviews, we’ve picked out these 9 dog bandanas as they proved to be the best in terms of quality, design, price, and durability. Although your choice will depend on your preferences and dog’s characteristics, all of the bandanas mentioned above will not leave you disappointed. Our final pick would have to be the Remy+Roo dog bandana, as it proved to be extremely durable and unique for a fairly reasonable price. Its shape, available sizes, and stylish patterns make it one of the most desirable products on the market, which you should definitely try out.