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Dog Bath Tub

While turning to professional groomers is essential for keeping our pups fresh and clean, we all know that it’s simply not feasible to run to the salon each time your furry rascal gets a bit muddy. 

Home dog bathing, on the other hand, can leave your bathroom looking like a crime scene.

Dog bath tubs and grooming tubs are specifically made to facilitate dog bathing and leave your home mess-free. Portable ones are also a great option as you can put them outside on the patio or in your yard to avoid your dog running soaking wet around the house. 

From small portable ones to high-end professional options, Dog bath tub comes in a variety of sizes, features, and prices, so it’s essential to know your criteria and choose wisely.

To guide you towards making a reasonable purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog bathtubs available on the market by considering customers’ honest opinions, key product features, and our 13-year long experience in dog wellbeing. 

Things to take seriously when buying a dog bath tub

Available space for the tub

Before scrolling through available options, make sure you’ve found the right nook for your new tub. Dog tubs can be portable and fit your regular shower or bathtub, or they can serve as a sink and take up a lot of bathroom or laundry room space. Also, determine whether it will be stationary or you’ll need to store it from time to time. This can significantly change the price range, as well.

Faucet or no faucet

Do you need a simple enclosure to put the dog in for regular bathroom washing, or do you need a separate grooming station with a built-in faucet just for grooming purposes?

Integrated faucet options are more expensive and bulky but give more versatility, sturdiness, and opportunities that a regular plastic Dog bath tub can’t offer.

Tub design

Dogs are usually not in the mood to stay still and patiently wait for you to bathe them. It’s usually quite the opposite, which means the designated tub needs to be shaped and built to prevent splashing, slipping, or possible injury. Best dog tubs come with tall restraints with a deep basin. Tubs with leak-proof doors are always a plus as they enable effortless access.

Product weight and portability

If the Dog bath tub is advertised as portable and storable, it should be made of lightweight yet resilient materials that can withstand your dog’s weight and stay stable. There are foldable tubs that can serve as a mobile grooming station but are strong enough for frequent all-day use.

Non-slip flooring

Dog baths are all over the place, messy and sometimes dangerous. Each dog tub should have a non-slip mat or flooring that ensures safety and minimizes injury.

Bathing accessories

To ensure single-handed bathing, dog tubs usually feature convenient accessories that facilitate the process of dealing with an excited wet dog. A grooming supply rack, a spray nozzle, a large and adjustable faucet, towel hook, walk-in ramp, quick and easy drainage system are more than welcome when investing in a product like this.

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Best dog bath tubs: 2021 review

Here are the best dog bathtubs to look into. Keep in mind that the presented models significantly vary in price since their purpose is different, so we’ve divided the list for a clear division. There are regular Dog bath tubs, mostly for small to medium-sized pups, and heavy-duty grooming utility sinks, which are a more significant investment for more versatility and better quality.

Booster Dog Bath Tub

This portable tub is an excellent piece of home grooming equipment for small and medium-sized dogs, capable of withstanding up to 125 lbs. You can also opt for the XL one, which is ideal for large and giant breeds (max weight capacity 175 lbs). It is elevated from the ground to help you stay in a natural and comfortable position while bathing your pup. This Dog bath tub is designed for easy access, with four large and stable legs that quickly snap onto the tub, with minimum assembly requirements.

It’s made of lightweight yet sturdy polypropylene, so you can transport it from room to room or keep it outdoors as the color won’t fade. 

This dog bath tub comes with all the necessary attachments for a quick, hassle-free bathing experience: a 5-inch hose for easy drainage, a shampoo caddy for convenient access, a sturdy adjustable collar with 3 snaps, and a non-slip mat to prevent injury during bubbly shampooing. It also features a nozzle with slow and heavy flow mode to make rinsing and lathering much easier.

You can also get an optional pedestal for the dog to quickly get into the tub. 

Buyers find this all-inclusive dog tub an ideal bathing station for quick yet thorough home cleaning. It has the requirements that you would want in a tub and is available for a very reasonable price. 

Flying Pig Dog Bath Tub

Pet Portable Bathtub

Customers can use this classic elevated dog tub for small to medium-sized dogs (up to 150 lbs). It’s reinforced with stainless steel legs that guarantee stability and durability. The basin is made of hard-wearing plastic that is easily cleaned from hair, dirt, stains, etc. It’s wide enough for your pup to lie down and comfortably enjoy his bath.

There are three metal loops on the sides where you can clip on a leash to keep the dog secure. This dog bath tub has integrated shampoo and soap bar holders for a neat and mess-free bathing experience. The drain comes with a rubber cap so you can fill the tub for cozy bubble baths. 

Buyers like that their dogs have plenty of space to lie down and that it’s exceptionally sturdy for small dogs or even cats. The tub is compact, lightweight, and easily portable, so you can even put it in your regular tub. Assembly is quick and straightforward, requiring only a few steps to attach the legs and the drain tube.

All in all, a great dog bath tub for home use and easy grooming.

Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub

This stylish Furesh dog tub offers everything you would expect from a professional salon canine bath. In fact, house-call groomers gladly use this portable tub as it’s all-inclusive yet so easy and compact to bring around.

Its unique design with a foldable stainless steel frame and a thin yet durable PVC basin makes it extremely convenient for home use and super easy storage. The fact that this tub has a frame enables options for more attachments, like a showerhead or more storing pockets, since you can easily clip on or attach them to the frame tubes.

The legs are detachable, enabling even more options for storing and putting in your bathtub or shower. This dog bath tub comes with two large pockets for shampoo and other grooming supplies. The drain comes with a long tube for essay and quick drainage and cleaning. 

The tub is elevated to eliminate painful bending and back injury. It also features a 3-point restraint leash for secure and firm collar hold. 

This fantastic tub is recommended for small to medium-sized dogs, supporting up to 150 lbs (with water). Buyers like this tub for quick and mess-free baths in the house and love the extra pockets and attachments for supplies.

Rubbermaid Dog Bath Tub

Originally designed as a stock tank, this remarkable sturdy product proved fantastic as a portable dog bath tub. It’s made of heavy-duty polyethylene that can hold out against all weather conditions and long-lasting use. The tank comes with an easy-to-use drain plug for clean and convenient drainage. 

With a classic and simple design, this tank can easily fit home tubs or be used as an outside bathing station for your playful pup. There are several sizes available, the 300-gallon one suitable for large and giant breeds to lie down comfortably.

Buyers are amazed by this tank’s quality and durability and recommended it for all dog sizes and breeds. It’s lightweight enough for effortless moving, and since it’s a one-piece tank with no complicated attachments and pieces, there’s no assembly. This also means you can clean it in a few simple steps.

Home Pet Spa Pet Wash Enclosure

This great enclosure for dog washing is a nifty invention for convenient home use. It features a tall and secure tub with doors that allow quick entering and exiting. This dog bath tub is compatible with all faucets around the house, while the 6 mist jets and the shower head attachments can be used simultaneously for more thorough rinsing and easy lathering.

Being made of heavy and strong compost materials, the tub is heavy-duty yet portable. Due to its geometric design, it can fit a regular tub, shower, put in the corner of a bathroom, in a yard, patio, etc.

The basin is enclosed enough to prevent water from splashing all around the house and you. Make sure to check the measurements (35 x 25 x 29 inches) since the tub is relatively narrow. Nevertheless, small and medium-sized dogs like Golden Retrievers, Shiba Inu, Pitt Bulls, etc., can easily and comfortably fit in.

Buyers are very satisfied with the neat drainage system and recommend this amazing dog bath tub for those willing to invest more for better quality and guaranteed sturdiness.

Best grooming tubs with a faucet

Suppose you need more than just a dog bathtub. In that case, these upgraded grooming stations made of better materials, with an integrated faucet and some extra grooming accessories, are a great option to create a stationary nook for professional-rate bathing and long-lasting use.

Jackson Dog Bath Tub

This multi-function sink/dog tub is an excellent addition to a laundry room, backyard, or your large bathroom to create a grooming corner just for your furry friend. It is installed as a regular bathroom sink, but what makes it pet-friendly is the deep 19-gallon thermoplastic tub ideal for small dogs and even cats. It comes with a nifty towel hook and a metal basket for shampoos, soap, and other supplies. The faucet is a heavy-duty chrome one, alongside a sprayer for easy rinsing. 

You can relax about the assembly and installment as this product comes with all the necessary hardware, mounting screws, attachments, drainage parts, etc. If your dog shows reluctance to staying still in the dog bath tub, you can use 9 anti-slip dog paw mats that are not only cute but also very secure and helpful.

Buyers like this sink for its versatility – you can use it as a laundry sink, a faucet for daily chores, and you can adjust it for safe and effective dog bathing and grooming. 

Flying Pig Dog Bath Tub

Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bath Tub

We’ve reached high-end products with professional features and performance, starting with this top-rated stainless steel grooming station.

This clearly isn’t a portable dog bath tub, but a stationary all-inclusive dog wash piece of equipment with a faucet and all the necessary attachments for a sink. Since it’s all steel, the tub is exceptionally sturdy and hygienic; it can withstand multiple-use and large, robust dogs who resist bathing.

The tub comes with an optional ramp for easy entrance, a faucet with hot and cold water control, and heavy-duty steel grids that are adjustable by height to accommodate small and large dogs. The tub is versatile with removable side top panels for adjusting to your needs, while the door and all the seals are leak-proof and rust-proof.

It also comes with a removable rack for shampoos and grooming supplies and a sprayer for rinsing or easier lathering. Your dog has restrained in the tub thanks to overhead loops for attaching the leash or the collar.

This amazing dog bath tub is recommended by groomers and can easily fit your garage, laundry room, or any additional space you’ve chosen for your pup’s bathing. Remember that this tub is for those with a bigger budget who are looking to invest in a more professional product rather than a simple portable tub.

Flying Pig Grooming 38

Slightly smaller and more compact, this Flying Pig model is another great option for home dog bathing and grooming.

Unlike the 50″ one, this dog bath tub doesn’t feature an entrance door and a walk-in ramp but is much more fitting and suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. It is elevated so that you don’t need to lean over to reach the dog. The front side is open for easy access, while the removable back and side splashes are installed to prevent water from splashing on the walls. 

The faucet comes with a mobile sprayer for easy rinsing and reaching difficult parts above, which is a metal rack for shampoos, soap, and necessary grooming supplies. The wide leak-proof drainage system is perfect for easy and quick tub cleaning. To prevent slipping and awkward falling, the tub is covered with a non-slip rubber mat, which is easy to clean and comfortable for the dog to lie down on. 

The stainless steel construction is a solid guarantee for durability, sturdiness, and long-time use. Groomers like this dog bath tub for smaller dogs while pet owners utilize it for thorough and effortless dog bathing inside or outside their house.

Final thoughts – Which of these tub?

Finally, this all depends on what you’re searching for. If you need a tub for your small apartment where you’ll occasionally bathe your small or medium-sized pup, the best option is probably the Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub. You can put this tub in your shower, regular bathtub, or keep it in your laundry room, garage, or even outside in the backyard. The tub is lightweight, foldable, and features all the necessary attachments for thorough and high-quality dog bathing.

On the other hand, you might be on a quest for a more professional heavy-duty grooming station. In that case, the Flying Pig 50″ tub is probably the most comprehensive one. It is suitable for large and heavy dogs, while you can also adjust the drain grids for small and medium-sized pups.

Made of stainless steel with leak-proof seals, it’s really the best you can get for an off-the-shelf model for a fairly reasonable price compared to similar products. It’s clear that the tub is made to withstand frequent use and stay solid even when tested by misbehaving, rebellious dogs. The smart and convenient design enables a mess-free, quick, and quality bathing experience.

In the end, you should make the final choice after taking into account your preferences, space limitations, your dog’s bathing frequency/needs, the budget, and other essential criteria, so any of the products listed above could tick all the boxes.