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Best Dog Diapers

Maintaining proper hygiene in a (multi)pet household isn’t an easy job, especially when your furry friend needs some help with potty time. Whether your dog suffers from a health issue like incontinence, or you just need to leave him home alone for longer than usual, a dog diaper will be your insurance for a mess-free house and a guilt-free pooch.

Many dog owners, however, don’t acknowledge the difference between human and dog diapers as they are not aware of the anatomical features and design an animal diaper needs to have to provide both comfort and proper absorption.

Based on our 13-year long experience and the customer’s honest reviews, we’ve created the ultimate buyer’s guide and FAQ for the best dog diapers on the market. We have considered the most important features, such as washability, size options, design, materials, and more, to help you find the perfect fit for your four-legged friend.

What are dog diapers?

why can’t I use normal human ones on my dog?

Dog diapers are sanitary disposable or washable incontinence pads that have the purpose of absorbing and retaining urine, feces, or discharge, specifically made to fit female or male canine anatomy and way of moving. Although you could probably find a way to fit a human diaper on a dog in an emergency, this is definitely not a permanent solution due to the noticeable anatomical differences between dogs and humans.

Firstly, dogs need a hole for their tail, which you would need to improvise and likely jeopardize the diaper’s function. Also, the design of human diapers (both for adults and babies) is just not ergonomically shaped to comfortably and adequately adhere to the dog’s rear area. Not only would it not do its job, but it would also bother the dog and make her pull on it and try to take it off, which she could do relatively quickly because of the loose and improper fit.

If you cannot invest in good quality dog diapers, there are ways to make DIY dog diapers, which are definitely a better choice than human diapers, in any case.

When does a dog need diapers?

Whether dogs should wear diapers or not is still a controversial question among some owners, probably because they may be perceived as funny-looking or condescending. Nevertheless, dog diapers can save you and your pooch from stress, embarrassment, and infection risks and contamination. Take a look at some of the usual reasons why dog diapers are lifesavers:

Canine urinary incontinence

Even the best-trained canine cannot control bladder relief when it comes to urinary incontinence. Bacterial infections, diabetes, kidney disease, or deterioration of the urinary sphincter muscle can be some of the reasons why your pup is struggling with frequent urination.

Some of the causes are treatable with medication or surgery, but the first thing to do is consult your vet and ask about the possible solutions. In any case, diapers will put the accidents in control and help you and your dog deal with the situation calmly and efficiently.

Problems with senior dogs

Uncontrolled defecation and urination can also be an issue with older dogs who are struggling with muscle control and a dysfunctional digestive system. Lack of physical activity, brain fog, diabetes, weakened muscles are the usual culprits for potty accidents in grandpa and grandma doggies. Dog diapers are comfortable for lying down and sitting; they secure the rear area tightly and prevent any leakage or mess, providing ultimate security for weak senior dogs during their daily activities.

Training puppies

House training puppies can be a messy process, which is why puppy diapers can aid you in those first weeks of adjustment. Although you should by no means keep your young doggie in diapers all the time, they can be a great teaching tool that helps with scent recognition and letting the dog know where it is acceptable to go potty. 

Female dogs in heat

Vaginal discharge when the bitch is in the heat is a completely normal (and fertility indicating) occurrence, but for your furniture and carpets, it can mean hours of cleaning. Female dog diapers are strong enough to absorb fluids and discharge and can also prevent the dog from constant licking.

If you own more dogs, the diapers will make it harder for your male dogs to jump around and bother the girl dog in heat. That said, keep in mind that diapers aren’t in any way, an effective contraception method!

Behavioral problems and separation anxiety

Some dogs may express their aggression, dissatisfaction, stress, or anxiety by relieving themselves in unallowed places around the house. Canines suffering from separation anxiety often deal with emotional issues by defecating or urinating on furniture, carpets, and their owners’ belongings to attract attention or show that they are suffering.

Stress and anxiety in dogs are serious issues that should be addressed with frequent vet consultations, proper behavior adjustments, training, or in some cases, medication. Still, in the healing process, dog diapers can help prevent destruction around the house and unwanted mess. 

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Female vs Male dog diapers 

Due to the different anatomy, female and male canines sometimes need different types of diapers. Male dogs who have problems with urinary incontinence don’t need to wear a full diaper (around the hind limbs and rear area), and you could have the problem fixed with a belly band or wraps that are attached around the waist, leaving the whole back area naked.

Female dogs, however, need a real diaper when in heat, as their entire rear area needs to be covered and secured to prevent leakage and traces. In general, any kind of a problem related to defecation will also require a full diaper for proper security.

How to get the right fit for your dog?

Most diaper manufacturers offer instructions on how to measure your dog to find a perfect diaper for their size. It will mostly depend on the dog breed, weight, and waist circumference. You can measure your dog’s waist by wrapping a piece of string or tape around their belly, approximately two inches from the hind legs.

If the circumference is something in between the sizes, it’s best to size up, just in case. Choose diapers that are adjustable and possibly with velcro straps (or any kind of an adjustable design) to make sure the diapers don’t squeeze the dog too tight, or in a different case, fall off.

Best female and male dog diapers

2021 Review

Considering all the important features, as well as users’ reviews on the products, here are our top-rated picks of the best dog diapers available on the market:

Best female dog diapers

For small to medium dogs: Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diapers

Pet Magasin’s unique product will keep your canine girlfriend happy and clean with their high-quality washable diapers. They come in three durable wraps package in vibrant colors (purple, green, and blue) for less than $20. However, fully machine or hand washable, the amazing 4-layer design doesn’t compromise absorption and protection.

The inner layers are made of durable mech and fleece, while the outmost layer is made of strong waterproof material that keeps everything secure and in place. To find a perfect fit for your four-legged friend, check out the Pet Magasin’s chart with detailed measurement instructions on how to pick from the 4 standard sizes. On top of that, the diapers are attached by velcro straps that widen the range of sizing and enable them to fit any dog perfectly. 

Customers really like this product and rate it as an excellent value for money, highly durable, and easily washable for long time use.

Key features

  1. Fully washable and reusable
  2. 4-layer technology for maximum absorption
  3. Comfortable and breathable materials
  4. Available in various sizes
  5. More suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  6. Best for bitches and dogs with diarrhea issues

Best dog diapers for males

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands

These chic belly bands are made explicitly for male dogs with urinary problems. They also come in a package of 3 wraps of different modern colors. These diapers are ergonomically designed to comfortably snug around your dogs’ hind legs, with a leakproof and irritation-free fit. The super-absorbent inner layer provides enough room for unnoticeable wear, while the outer waterproof layer makes sure everything stays in the diaper.

This product is great for active, energetic doggies who like to roam around, travel, and enjoy their freedom, as they won’t get misshapen or slip off even on the most hyperactive pups out there. They can be purchased in various sizes, fitting small to giant breeds, plus the velcro-tape system enables additional adjustments for a perfect match. 

Since the diaper is made of breathable, highly sanitary materials, it can temporarily protect surgical wounds or sensitive areas. The diapers are also fully washable, preserving the environment but not compromising the diaper’s durability and shape.

Key features

  1. Washable and completely reusable
  2. More sizes for different dog breeds
  3. Durable materials
  4. For males only: preventing urination problems
  5. Affordable (compared to similar package diapers)

Best diapers for male dogs

Wegreeco Dog Diapers

Wegreeco strives to create high-quality products that don’t contribute to landfill waste, and these male dog belly bands are one of their most popular products. These cost-effective, soft diapers are fully washable and support countless washes without compromising performance and shape.

They come in a three modern-looking diapers package, best used for male dogs with urinating accident problems and incontinence. The inner layers are made of breathable jersey for comfortable wear, while the outer layer is waterproof and fits everything in place. 

Customers praise these great diapers’ highly affordable prices and think they are an excellent, long-term investment for dogs with incontinence issues. Before making a purchase, check for the product description’s measurement chart to find a perfect fit for your dog. 

Key features

  1. Washable and reusable
  2. Super-absorbent and leakproof
  3. Highly cost-effective
  4. Great for male dogs

Best dog diapers for male dogs

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers

Another bargain for male canines: the Teamony belly bands for multiple uses and guaranteed quality. With a super-absorbent inner layer and waterproof shell, these diapers are a fantastic safety tool to help your dog with bladder issues. Although the customers usually found these bands applicable for small and medium-sized dogs, make sure to check the waist size requirements as the diapers may also be a good fit for larger breeds thanks to the velcro-strap mechanism.

Buyers find these bands as an excellent tool for training puppies to go potty and report the dogs gladly wear them. For around $10, you can get a good quality, durable diaper set.

Key features

  1. Best work with male dogs
  2. For small or medium-sized dogs
  3. Washable and reusable
  4. Comfortable, breathable materials
  5. Highly affordable

Best female dog diapers

Wegreeco Dog Diapers

Wegreeco female diapers for large breeds are a real balance between quality, protection, and comfort. In addition to the velcro-strap system, these diapers feature a set of snaps to adhere nicely to the dog’s body shape and waist. These diapers come in different sizes, mostly shaped for larger and giant breeds.

Nevertheless, always check the sizing chart to make sure you don’t order the wrong package. The set features 3 colorful diapers for long-lasting, high-performance use. They are also completely washable and quickly dried. 

Customers praise these diapers for their high-quality functionality, adjustability, price, and design.

Key features

  1. Washable and reusable
  2. Designed for female dogs
  3. Affordable
  4. Soft and comfortable materials
  5. Additional adjustment features: snaps for a tight and snug fit

Best disposable male dog diapers

All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap

These are definitely one of the best-performing disposable belly bands for male dogs on the market. They come in a pack of a whopping 50 wraps for less than 15$ – now that’s a bargain! That said, these wraps are specifically made for male dogs with urinary problems, as they cover the waste area of male canines.

As they are for single-use, you don’t need to worry about cleaning; just quickly change the band, and you’re good to go! The diapers are also waterproof, but the inner layers are made of soft materials for comfortable wear. Although there are only two sizes (small and large), the diapers are adjustable thanks to the stick straps so that they can fit different dog sizes.

Customers who prefer disposable diapers find this product of good value for money and enjoy the practicality and hygiene of wear.

Key features

  1. Disposable
  2. Two basic sizes: small and large
  3. Different pack options
  4. Comfortable for wearing
  5. Durable and leakproof

How to pick perfect dog diapers?

Depending on your pup’s size, needs, and your general preferences, there are different factors to consider before making the final purchase. Check out some of the crucial characteristics a right dog diaper needs to have to provide your dog with maximum comfort and performance:


Just like with human diapers, there’s an ongoing debate about whether canine diapers should be disposable or reusable. Although single-use diapers may relieve us from cleaning and are generally more convenient for use, washable cloth diapers provide much more benefits and even pay off in the long run.

Washable dog diapers are much more environmentally friendly. They can be custom-made. The used cloth materials are softer, breathable, non-toxic, and safer for sensitive skin, unlike most of the plastic-based materials used for making disposable diapers.

That said, many users prefer single-use diapers on emergency and limited-use occasions, as dogs who have severe incontinence or diarrhea problems just need the extra support in layering that reusable diapers just can’t always provide.

Your choice should depend on your dog’s issue and the time you have on disposal for diaper changing. Our advice is not to forget about the devastating environmental issues that disposable materials make each day, so if you have the means, definitely opt for reusable!


As mentioned before, size is one of the crucial features to consider when picking a diaper model for your dog. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to select the right size for your pooch and always measure your dog’s waist before looking for options.

It’s essential that the diaper fits properly as your dog will find any chance possible to rip it off or destroy it if it’s causing chafing, discomfort, irritation, or compromising blood supply to the limbs. On the other hand, too big of a diaper will easily move around or even fall off, thus having its primary function compromised.

Materials and layering

There’s a world of choices out there, with different diaper models offering a different kind of protection. To avoid any irritation, skin infections, or unhygienic use, opt for soft and breathable materials, at least for the layers that go directly against the dog’s skin. Depending on the amount of discharge, you want to look for multiple or less layering for protection. Disposable diapers often come with discharge indicators that change color when full or are made of extra-absorbent materials that offer additional security. 


As previously discussed, there are female or male dog diapers that differ in design and shape. Don’t make your male dog even more uncomfortable by forcing full diapers on them if they only have problems with urination, as in that case, a belly band is just enough to do the trick.