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It’s crazy to think that you would need a thing such as a dog leash holder…or is it? 

Beds, crates, toys, blankies, mats, pads, bowls, little outfits, brushes, and grooming supplies… Keeping dogs indoors brings a lot of clutter and mess if we don’t organize them properly. 

Just think about a typical dog walk and the things you need to organize when you get back home: you have to detach the leash, probably take off the collar, sometimes a muzzle, if there’s a harness then you need to put it somewhere, then there are the waste bag dispensers, collapsible bowls, if it’s cold outside then maybe a dog jumper, etc. Quickly you may find yourself mounting doggy belongings in a pile or creating tripping hazards around the house.

Dog leash racks are specifically designed to help you effortlessly organize your pup’s leashes and other accessories so you can reach them quickly whenever you leave the house and easily put them back when arriving home after the walk. 

Since there are so many designs, shapes, and brands of leash holders, we’ve analyzed different products and customer experience reviews to present you with a list of the best dog leash holders you can find.

How to find the best dog leash holder

Like with any other piece of furniture, your next dog leash holder needs to fit your home’s aesthetic while at the same time providing you with what it’s supposed to do. Here are some of the important features you should look for in a dog leash hanger before making the final purchase:

The right type and design

Do you need a plain leash hanger or you want a hall tree with additional storage? Some leash holders come as a one-piece single hook, while others are designed with multiple hooks on a bar. This will also depend on how much space you are willing to use for the holder. Depending on the type you choose, the price will fluctuate, so make sure you know your budget limits and what to expect.


Dog leash holders basically comprise one to several hooks and attachments for the wall, which is why there are so many options for different designs, shapes, colors, and styles. From whimsical and quirky to classic and simple, dog leash holders are produced to fit almost anyone. That said, the ideal product should be a combination of the appropriate design and quality, so be careful not to compromise quality for a cool-looking flimsy rack that will fall off as soon as you pull it a bit harder.


What will you use the holder for? Do you need a single hook option, or will you be using it for multiple leads, collars, and other objects, like keys, hats, coats, etc.? If you have several dogs and pets, you also need to think about convenience and whether your rack will withstand everything you need to hang.

Some products are upgraded with magazine holders, a chalkboard for notes, treat holders, or even come with storage baskets and a bench. If you just need a hook to put a single leash on it, then don’t get dazzled by multi-purpose gadgets. On the other hand, if your hall needs an update, consider getting a full coat hanger/leash holder hall tree and kill two birds with one stone.

Materials and quality

Again, depending on the purpose, the dog leash holder needs to be made of quality materials. To withstand several leashes, maybe metal ones, harnesses, and collars, it’s best that the hooks are made of rustproof metal, attached to a wooden bar, or fabricated as one piece. The hooks should be long and curved for comfortable and firm hanging, without sharp points and edges. 

However, if you need a fun and cool wall piece, there are creative options with doggy-shaped or bone-shaped hooks, catchy signs, and other aesthetic features.


Most dog leash holders cost around $20 – $50, depending on the quality, brand, and type. If you’re looking for cost-effective options that serve the purpose well, sometimes looking for bargains can leave you with a frail wobbly piece of junk that will succumb to weight pressure in no time. You can find heavy-duty yet cheap products on our list that entail a perfect balance between affordability and quality.

Best dog leash holders for 2021

Incorporating the buyers’ detailed reviews of products and leveraging our 13 years’ experience in canine wellbeing and lifestyle, we’ve narrowed down the options to our top picks for 2020 with the best dog leash holders on the market:

HBCY Rustic Wall Mounted Coat Rack Shelf

Although not a dog leash holder per se, we’ve included this versatile and sturdy coat rack shelf in our list because of its fantastic quality, broad and multi-purpose hooks, and classic and subtle design. Handcrafted out of Russian pine wood and featuring 5 heavy-duty rustic metal hooks, this wall hanger is perfect for hanging several dog leashes, collars, harnesses, and other doggy accessories that need storage.

The distance between the hooks is 4.5″, more than in most similar products, providing ample space for bulky objects with multiple cords and straps. What’s more, the hooks were designed to withstand up to 10 lbs, so you can hang several things on one hook and not worry about it breaking or falling. The rack is 10″ x 16″, protruding only by 3.45″ (the depth of the shelf), so you can nail it behind the entrance door, in the hall, or next to other furniture, as it will stay unnoticeable and fit perfectly.

Simplicity is what customers mostly like about this leash holder, emphasizing how easy it is to combine it with different interior designs. On top of the wall piece, there is a large shelf for storage baskets, boxes, or anything you need space for.

Ikea Dog Leash Holder

Dog Tail Hooks (6-piece set)

These adorable single-hook wall organizers are made explicitly for dog-walking kits, but they can also be used for keys, hats, and other belongings.

This set comes with 6 separate pieces, so you can rearrange them and put them in different rooms, your bathroom for hanging towels, or in your kids’ room for toys and clothes. They are easy to install on the wall or a plastic surface with mounting screws or nails, but there’s enough space to affix them with a double-sided tape, provided that you use it for light-weight objects.

The product doesn’t come with fasteners, as different surfaces need different types of nails or screws for attaching. These cute doggy tail hooks are a favorite among kids, not just because they are colorful and creative, but because they are made of soft rubber without any sharp and pointy edges – perfect for children to have fun with. 

Single-hook pieces like the IKEA dog tails are great for hanging retractable leashes since the leash component handles are sometimes too thick and require space for secure hooking. 

All in all, this is a great product, convenient and simple, yet does the job well. Furthermore, it’s quite affordable and versatile.

mDesign Metal Wire Wall Mount

We present a unique multi-use wall organizer – the mDesign wall mount. This product gives you much more than just a hook for leashes and collars; it’s a versatile rack with two wire baskets and three convenient hooks. 

The trendy and minimalistic design appeals to most customers and is purposeful for various uses, among which is storing doggy supplies and accessories. The bins are practical for storing pet snacks, treats, water bowls, collars, waste bags, doggy diapers, and other necessities. You can use the hooks for hanging leads or fold and store them in the bins.

The mount is relatively small and unnoticeable (17.09″ x 5.98″ x 8.31″), so it can be useful in almost any space in the house. It’s made of durable but light-weight metal, fabricated in one piece to eliminate unnecessary screws, bolts, and attachments. The one-piece design also makes it much more reliable and practical for transporting or taking off if necessary (hardware is included in the product).

Buyers think this holder provides what’s advertised and are very satisfied with the quality, simplicity of design, and performance.

iDesign Dog Leash Holder

This is another wall mount that definitely deserves a spot on our list, thanks to its exceptional properties. Unlike the mDesign wall mount, this wall organizer features twice as many hooks but only one shallow bin, perfect for doggy knick-knacks. The rack is constructed of stainless steel, yet it’s light-weight and durable and is easily affixed to the wall with mounting screws (included in the package).

It’s perfect for holding light-weight objects that take up a lot of space. When it comes to dog accessories, you can quickly turn this wall mount into your pup’s personal rack for belongings. The hooks are wide enough for neatly separating collars and leads, retractable leashes, while you can stack his favorite treats and supplies on the practical wire shelf at the top of the rack.

Users are very satisfied with the quality, minimalistic, and trendy design and the quality and affordability of this fantastic wall mount.

3 Shelf Hall Tree

If you are looking for a high-end organizer for your hall, we’ve also included this hall tree as a more advanced option for storing dog belongings. Although not initially made for leashes and collars, this piece of furniture became extremely popular among dog parents due to its perfect multi-purpose organizing properties.

Featuring two storage baskets, a bench, 5 heavy-duty metal hooks, and a wide shelf, this hall tree is everything you needed for keeping a clutter-free house entryway. The industrial metal frame and antique, warm-toned durable wood merge into a stylish vintage-looking decorative piece. The object requires assembly, but customers are satisfied with the instructions, and the hardware is included in the price.

While it may be bulky for some users (39″ x 15.7″ x 70.9″, 57.7 lbs), it’s easy to clean and optimize storage space, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed with too many knick-knacks and dog accessories. It’s not suitable for users who need only a hook or two for a leash. While not ideal for those on a budget, considering what it offers, quality materials, and modern design involved, compared to similar products, this rack is definitely worth the investment.

Cast Iron 4 Hook Dog Leash Holder

Carver’s Olde Iron

This one-piece dog leash holder is just what it is advertised to be – a sturdy, space-saving leash organizer, a perfect wall piece for hallways, entryways, and even backyard sheds. Made of tin and fabricated in one piece, there are no worries about breakage, unscrewing, or getting flimsy under pressure, as this wall rack will serve its purpose for a long time.

It’s durable, yet light-weight, small enough to be put behind a door for quick access (sticks out about 2.5 inches). It features 4 heavy-duty hooks in the shape of a dog tail. It’s cute and whimsical, yet it has a rustic and homey vibe, ideal for vintage and cozy decor.

You can hang leashes, collars, and even bags up to 3 lbs of weight. The hooks are wide enough for the leash to be wrapped around it if you don’t like the straps and cords hanging.

Buyers are delighted by this product’s quality and practicality and recommended it as a fun gift for dog lovers. On top of that, the rack is highly affordable.

MyGift 10 Hook Dog Leash Holder

Expandable Accordion

Originally a coat rack, this expandable accordion organizer proved very useful for hanging dog leashes and collars. It weighs practically nothing and adheres to the wall so elegantly and neatly that it doesn’t take up almost any space (protruding only the hooks’ length).

It’s made of durable wood and features 10 hooks, slightly darker than the accordion, arranged on different heights, so you can wrap a leash around two or more of them or let it hang over multiple hooks, so it doesn’t drag on the floor. Since it can expand and retract, you can adjust the space between the hooks, depending on your needs.

This expandable organizer was made for quick and compact storage when not in use, as it collapses into a practical transportable board. The installation is also easy, with functional hanging mounts you can affix to nails or screws in no time. The unique and simple design enables it to blend into different spaces and styles, adding warmth and a rustic feel to the room. 

Buyers are extremely satisfied with this product and recommend it for smaller apartments as it optimizes space. The rack is made for light-weight objects, like keys, hats, coats, leashes, and other smaller accessories, not for heavy bags, since they may affect its durability.

MobileVision Pet Supply Organizer

As its name suggests, this product is a remarkable supply organizer, not only for leashes but other doggy objects. It’s eco-friendly, very sturdy, and practical for storing treats, hanging leashes, collars, and keeping all the stuff you need for outdoor trips with your pup. It features 4 bamboo pegs with carved holes to prevent sliding and a rack for magazines or supplies.

Being made of durable bamboo, the organizer is light-weight yet sturdy enough for extended use. This nifty all-in-one wall piece can store and hold everything you need for your pup but can also be used for other objects, like keys, magazines, umbrellas, etc. 

The top component has two cutouts for cables if you need, for example, to charge your tablet or phone. The product also includes mounting screws which are effortlessly affixed on any surface.

Keep in mind that this organizer was made for light-weight pet supplies and will not withstand heavy and bulky objects like bags.

What’s more, MobileVision offers a 1-year warranty for replacement if you happen to encounter any problems or breakage. 

Customers very much like the discrete and chic design, practical storing components, and sturdiness of this organizer.

DEI Dog Leash Holder

Nothing says dog leash holders more than this “My Leash” metal rack for doggy accessories. This compact hanger (6.3 x 5.7 x 1.9 inches) features 3 wide metal hooks for hanging leashes, collars, retractable leads, and any other pieces of doggy walking kits.

It’s simple yet effective design makes it a perfect wall piece for entryways, outdoor sheds, doors, and other surfaces. If you need a simple dog leash holder with a few hooks to help you organize your furry friend’s leashes, this affordable product will do the job.

It’s a one-piece hanger, meaning it doesn’t require complicated assembly, unsafe attachments or too much hardware, only a couple of mounting screws to affix it to the wall. Apart from the cute “my leash” sign, there is a silhouette of a dog and a feeding bowl with a bone included on top of the upper part. 

Buyers are extremely satisfied with this nifty dog leash holder, they recommend it for smaller apartments and rooms that need better organization and space optimization. 

Prepac Hanging Entryway Shelf

Slightly different from most of the reviewed products on this list, the Prepac hanging shelf offers more than just hooks. It’s a 60″ wall organizer, with 5 large and 4 smaller metal hooks for coats, keys, pet leashes, collars, and other objects. There are 5 ample storage shelves on top of the rack where you can stack clothes, fill them with storage baskets, store bags and bulky items, or use them for decorative knick-knacks.

The wall mount is made of high quality laminated composite wood, while the hooks are made of heavy-duty metal ideal for withstanding weight pressure. It’s available in warm-toned wood, black, white, and stylish grey, perfect for modern decor and minimalistic homes. Since the design is classic and simple, you can customize it with decorative baskets and objects or keep it rustic as it is. 

This space-optimizer is all you need for your pup’s belongings, whether you need a simple leash hanger or more space for storing other things like doggy clothes, bowls, supplies, bowls, etc.

Keep in mind that this shelf takes up more space than a usual dog leash holder, so make sure you find a blank wall for this eye-catching piece of furniture.

Customers think the price-quality ratio is perfect and recommend it for bigger households with lots of storing canine supplies.

LANGRIA Tree Dog Leash Holder

Shaped Coat Rack Hanger

Last but not least, we present this unique wall-mounted tree-shaped hanger, perfect for hanging dog leashes, especially long ones that would otherwise drag on the floor. Although it was originally designed as a coat and purse hanger, this quirky bamboo wall mount can serve as a dog-supply organizer, with plenty of “branches” for leads, collars, harnesses, and other hangable objects. The simple yet original design brightens up a room and can even pass as a decorative piece on its own.

It’s made of eco-friendly materials, mostly bamboo and covered with a water-based coating, which means it’s easy to clean using just a damp cloth. The rack is reinforced with embedded screws to maximize stability and durability, even when hanging heavy items. The tree hanger is sleek and almost unnoticeable, protruding only by 2.8 inches. 

Buyers are amazed by the quality and find it extremely useful for leashes and long dog leads. Compared to similar products, the price is also great, and customers like the quick assembly and simplicity of design.

Final thoughts

which dog leash holder is the best for me?

It’s hard to single out only one product that adheres to everyone’s needs. We recommend analyzing all the important features (discussed above) and then deciding on the final model. When purchasing a dog leash holder, take into account not only the style and aesthetics but also durability, versatility, and quality of materials to make sure you get what you wanted.

All dog leash hangers mentioned in this article are among the best-ranked ones available now. Furthermore, we chose products that will be appealing for different niches, so there’s at least one perfect item for each potential user.