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Best Dog Pajamas

We see our dogs as an integral part of the family, so there’s nothing wrong with dressing them up into one! Like dog clothes, costumes or accessories, dog pajamas are another fun and cozy way of spoiling your furbaby and including them into the bed-time routine with the rest of the household members.

Here are our favorite picks of the snuggest, most fun, and comfortable PJs on the market for our furry companions. Check out our experience-based buyer’s guide and review to find the perfect model.

What to look for in dog pajamas?

As much as we like our doggies to look their best, it would help if you thought about comfort and convenience above design when picking jammies for a dog. Don’t get smitten by the cute prints or modern shapes if the pajamas are made of poor quality materials or just don’t fit properly on a dog’s body.

Good quality materials

You want to consider pajamas that are made of breathable, soft materials that are comfortable for lying and free movement. If you think about it, dogs are not used to having fabrics on their coat and skin, so anything that could cause irritation, itching, or overheating is not an option for a good night’s sleep. Quality clothes fabrics like cotton, sherpa, or soft fleece are good options to keep the dog warm during winter frostbites and cool in the summer, without compromising comfort.

Adjustment and putting on

Before getting new dog pajamas, make sure that the pajama model you choose is easy to slip into and adjust to your dog’s body. Models with too many zippers, velcro straps, or unnecessary pieces are just not worth the hustle, especially if you need to take your pooch for a potty break upon waking up or before bed. Do yourself a favor and look for onesies that can be put on and off in one or two simple moves. 


Most manufacturers offer a detailed measurement chart to help you understand your dog’s size and which model is the best for them. In general, to find fitting pajamas, you need to measure the dog’s neck and waist circumference, as well as the limb length. Also, measure the length of the base from the tail to the base of the neck to know what the jammies will be able to cover. 


It is pretty clear that you need to find the right size of the pajamas to ensure comfortable wear. In addition, the right dog jammies should have the appropriate design and shape to make a seamless fit on the dog’s skin. Look for loose-fitting models, have padded sleeves, neck, and lines around the sensitive parts like the rear area, belly, and tail. Most dog pajamas come with an elastic band at the back to ensure comfort and security when put on. 


Whatever they do, dogs get messy pretty quickly, so this is a factor to consider when buying pajamas. Some owners like to bring their dogs in pajamas to walks or other outdoor activities, making them a multi-practical piece of clothes for more than just sleeping. Make sure to buy products that are machine washable, quickly dried, and durable enough to withstand extended wear, outdoor conditions, and not lose their shape over time.

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Best dog pajamas for 2021: Review

Here are some of the best-reviewed and definitely worth-a-try dog pajama models that can enrich your four-legged friend’s clothing collection and make them the cutest pooch in the neighborhood!

Best pajamas for Pitbulls and similar dogs

Tooth and Honey Pit Bull Pajamas

Who says that Pitbulls look intimidating? With this head-turning onesie, your Pittie will get a chance to show off his real gentle personality. This turtleneck one-piece model is perfect for keeping your dog warm, cozy, and even controls shedding.

Made of a polyester mix, this stretchy but breathable piece is also practical for keeping surgical wounds protected during recovery and preventing the dog from licking and excessive scratching. The turtleneck design and elastic sleeves lay comfortably against the skin and prevent irritation and chafing.

Tooth and Honey make sure your pup is always trendy and dressed in the cutest prints like unicorns, duckies, and other whimsical designs. The pajamas were inspired by the beautiful Pitbull breed but are also great for similar short-haired breeds and Pitbull-like breed types. You can check the available sizes and measure your dog’s shape by using the manufacturer’s measurement chart to make sure the pajamas fit perfectly.

To make things even better, Tooth and Honey use their earnings to help other dogs by donating boxes of clothes and accessories to various organizations.

Customers like that the pajamas are very durable, suitable for both sleeping and outdoor activities, and in time, the dog doesn’t even notice wearing them. 

Best pajamas for small dogs

CuteBone Dog Pajamas

This is another fantastic product for small and tiny breeds. Made of durable polyester, this onesie is the right balance between comfort and practicality. These jammies can also be used as a clothing item for walks and outdoor activities as it is open on the lower part (around the belly) to allow free movement and easy potty breaks.

Not to mention the adorable prints (rocket, bananas, dinosaurs, pink pigs, etc.) that can make the grumpiest dog look like a precious bundle of happiness. At CuteBone, they also paid particular attention to the fit as the pajamas are improved by soft elastic bands around the neck and sleeves to make sure the piece stays on securely. 

 What’s more, you can find detailed instructions on how to choose the product size correctly. If you happen to miss the size, the brand offers a chance to exchange the model for a more appropriate size if needed. Nevertheless, if you’re not sure which size to choose, the brand advises you to go one model bigger as it will be loose-fitting but still stay snuggly on because of the secure elasticity on the crucial points.

Best pajamas for large dogs

LovinPet Dog pajamas

These unisex PJs will make your gentle giant feel as snug as a bug! Made of stretchy, light-weight, and breathable materials, these jammies are almost unnoticeable for wearing, but unbearably cute. They come in a variety of unique and fun designs for every taste, both for boy and girl dogs.

To avoid impractical fastening and attachment, LovingPet has designed a onesie that closes with snap buttons that keep the pajamas snug and secure without irritation and slipping. This fun one-piece can also be worn as a casual shirt for keeping the dog warm on colder days or for free running, walking, and other high-energy activities.

It’s entirely machine washable and easy to put on and off. The elastic waist makes it easy to adjust and enables free movement for energetic breeds. Check the brand’s size chart to make sure you’ve found the right model for your dog’s size and measurements. It covers sizes from medium to XXX large, mostly suitable for large and giant breeds and muscular dog types.

Buyers find these jammies absolutely adorable and worth the money, especially for scary-looking dogs who need some help to prove they are actually the biggest cuddlers. 

Best pajamas for small and active dogs

Fitwarm 2-Pack Dog Shirt

If your dog likes to venture a lot, these shirt-jammies are the right pick for their busy schedule. Made of 100% soft cotton, the Fitwarm pajamas are great for a care-free sleep as well as an active sniffing session outdoors. A simple yet effective design allows your dog to comfortably move around but say warm and protected in his quests.

It’s best suitable for Pugs or medium-sized short-haired breeds, but there’s a variety of sizes available for larger dogs too. If you’re more into classic prints like colorful stripes, these PJs are a perfect balance of cuteness and wearability. The model basically fits like a shirt but is cut in the belly area to ensure effortless potty breaks and breezy wear.

Don’t worry about skin irritation and slipping off, as these pajamas are secured with soft ribbed elastics on the edges around the sleeves and the back.

Customers praise the quality and durability of these jammies, and the dogs seem to enjoy wearing them – all in all, a good quality affordable product worth a try.

Best pajamas for tiny dogs

Fitwarm Cute Dog Pajamas

We present another must-have clothing item for the cutest look ever. This duck-print jumpsuit for small dogs is a long-needed accessory for a comfortable, stress-free snooze or a fun outdoor venture.

Fitwarm guarantees comfort and irritation-free wear as these pajamas are made of high quality, breathable materials that don’t cause allergies or chafing. These fluffy PJs come in a variety of modern prints (dinosaurs, unicorns, duckies, cupcakes, and similar) and a range of sizes most suitable for small to medium-sized breeds (Pomeranian, Maltese, Pug, Beagle Chihuahua, etc.).

Customers like the design and the fact that it can be worn outside and enables the dog to do his business stress and mess-free. Before making a purchase, check their measuring chart to be sure about the size as the primary measurements were created for smaller breeds. 

Best dog pajamas for holiday occasions

Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Pet Clothes

Another Fitwarm’s proudly sold product is this holiday-styled onesie for smaller dog breeds. It is perfect for Christmas photos and unforgettable memories and convenient for both sleeping and wearing as a warming dog jumpsuit.

Measure your pup’s chest circumference and pick from the array of sizes available for this holiday edition. Like other Fitwarm’s terrific pajamas, this model comes with an elastic waist enabling free movement and seamless wear that will fit dogs with a longer torso and more muscular hind legs.

This penguin-snowflake print is all the rage with pet enthusiasts, and buyers rated it as extremely cost-effective, easily put on and off, and great for winter-inspired looks and holidays. To be on the safe side, don’t pick this product by relying on the garment size (S, L, XL), but actually measure the dog’s waist, torso length, and neck circumference to compare with the measurements as the product is fundamentally aimed at smaller to medium-sized pups.

Best pajamas for tiny dogs

S Widen Electric Pet Dog Pajamas

Last but not least, we’ve picked out this tiny-breed favorite dog jumpsuit for heavenly napping or doggy activities around the house or outdoors. It is essentially a onesie that is secured on the bottom with snap buttons to enable snug and secure adjustment.

There are three different prints and colors for both girl and boy canines to pick from, all featuring a cute bow at the rear part to complete the adorable patterns. The garments are made of high-quality materials that keep your pup warm and cozy but are breathable and light-weight to prevent skin irritation and itching.

The open bottom enables quick and mess-free potty breaks, making them a great option for traveling, walking, playing outside, or any type of physical activity. The pajamas come in four sizes, all aimed at small to medium-sized dogs. Check the size requirements and measure your dog before adding it to the cart. Buyers find this product perfect for memorable photos, cuddling with their pup before bed, and extremely affordable concerning the quality and durability. 

Final thoughts

Which pajamas are the best for my dog?

This review should serve as a guide to help you understand your dog’s characteristics and see what’s offered in terms of quality, comfort, sizes, designs, and prints. All of the products listed above are must-have items that left thousands of customers thrilled and positively surprised. 

Depending on your dog’s breed, personality, age, and shape, you can find what best fits your preferences and needs. Each type of pajamas is best used when you follow the instructions and recommendations given by the manufacturer. This goes for the size options as well, as it will very much determine whether you will be satisfied with the product.