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Outdoor Dog Bed

From mattresses to elevated cots, outdoor dog beds are a fantastic addition to your backyard furniture or a trip aid for comfortable and practical snoozing. Whether you like lounging with your furry friend in the garden or enjoy bringing them on picnics and trips, an outdoor dog bed is made to withstand bad weather conditions, as well as keep your pooch safe, warm, and comfortable when lying outside. 

Having that in mind, we’ve composed a nifty buyer’s guide to help you find the best outdoor dog bed for your furbaby. We’ve considered materials, durability, cost, practicality, and other important criteria that comprise a good quality dog bed. Check out our experience-based review and dig into the world of dog furniture with ease and confidence.

Why is an outdoor dog bed a good idea for your household?

Dogs are territorial animals and need their own private space. Just like you would create a doggy nook in your house, with the bed, feeding bowls, toys, and other dog belongings, your dog must get the same sense of organization, belonging, and structure when outside. 

If you live in a house with a backyard or a garden, your pooch should have its own little corner for resting, isolating, and good quality napping. Consideration-worthy outdoor dog beds are made of waterproof materials, they are made to last and withstand daily wear and tear induced by weather conditions, scratching, tumbling, or other harsh treatment that can happen outside. 

The same goes for trips and traveling, as you need your dog to be comfortable and stress-free when embarking on a long and tiring journey. Mattress-like outdoor beds are a perfect replacement for a car mat, picnic blanket, or soft padding for crates if the dog needs to be kept enclosed. Although you can always adopt a standard dog bed to serve outside, investing in a purpose-made bed will guarantee long use, durability, and top-quality performance. 

How we picked the best Outdoor Dog Bed

There are a few essential factors to take into account when choosing the right outdoor bed for your dog:


While it’s crucial that the bed is weather-resistant and made for long use, the outer cover that is in direct contact with the dog’s skin needs to be made of soft, breathable materials that don’t cause irritation, allergies, itchiness, or overheating. Cotton, faux suede, sherpa, breathable mesh fabrics, and similar are some of the best options for comfortable yet tear-proof use. 


Although this depends on your personal preferences, an outdoor dog bed should, by all means, be water-resistant and ensure a dry and warm lying surface for your four-legged friend. If you keep the bed on your terrace or in the yard, the idea is not to bring it in every time you’re ready to go back inside or when the weather is terrible. A waterproof bed will keep the inner layers dry and clean, while you can always clean the top surface with a few simple cloth swipes. 

Storage and practicality

Most outdoor dog beds come in the form of elevated cots and require some type of assembly. Look for beds that are easily adjustable and don’t come in tons of parts, nuts, and attachments. The simpler, the better, especially if you’re looking for a storable product. Mattresses are more convenient for quickly putting away but may not provide protection like an elevated bed with legs can bring.

Durability and efficiency

Outdoor terrain can often be off-putting for dogs to lie down and rest. Tallgrass with ticks and bugs, too hot or frozen ground, wet or muddy surfaces are also dangerous for your pup’s health and should be avoided for lying. Elevated outdoor beds are large and comfortable enough for snoozing without compromising safety. The dog is not actually having contact with the ground, and the bed legs should be sturdy enough to withstand their weight, rolling around and fidgeting.

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Best outdoor dog beds for 2020 – review

Read on to find out about the top-rated models of outdoor dog beds for 2020. The review is based on our 13-year long experience and the customers’ honest reviews about the products. 

AmazonBasics Elevated Pet Bed

If you were worried about constant reassembling, too many unneeded screws and attachments, this product is perfect for you. It consists only of sturdy metal rods and a solid breathable mesh on the top. Once you put together this heavy-duty bed, you can keep it in the yard, on your patio without any worries about the weather influence.

On the other hand, if you need to store it in a more convenient shape, you can quickly detach the parts and conveniently fold the PVC mesh into a jacket-size packet. It comes in 5 standard sizes that you can check in the brand’s description section, but the bed is mostly recommended for small to medium-sized dogs.

Due to its simplicity and practicality, this outdoor dog bed is fantastic for various outdoor occasions, like picnics, travels, barbecues in the yard, or a relaxing time at the beach. The polyester mesh cover is entirely washable and water-resistant, so you can clean the entire bed by hosing it or wiping it with a basic cloth. The rustproof structure rods are quickly bolted down with a couple of screws and minimal effort.

Customers enjoy the versatility of this bed, as you can even add a layer or a mat on top of it for an even more cloud-like feel. That said, be careful with the size, as the original measurement range mostly applies to smaller breeds.

Bedsure Original Elevated Outdoor dog Bed 

We present another elevated bed that will be a perfect companion on outdoor adventures. It is raised by 8″ to keep your pup safe from heat, muddy and wet grass, or other uncomfortable terrains. It’s simple to assemble and comes with intuitive, user-friendly instructions (video available on their site). The bed is also portable, easily disassembled, and stored wherever needed.

The lying surface comprises 100% recyclable mesh, breathable and soft enough for tight and restful sleeping. You won’t need to worry about pests, mildew, mold, and other outdoor dangers as this outdoor dog bed is made of resistant materials that provide maximum safety. The rods gently curve into solid, sturdy legs eliminating any possibility of injury, corner bumps, and scratches when climbing the bed.

It’s completely waterproof and washable with a hose (tap water) or mild soap and cloth wipes. The model is available in various sizes, both applicable for small and large breed dogs.

Buyers point out the durability and practicality of this product as its biggest asset. You can also put another dog mat or a cushion on top of the bed for an even softer sleeping experience.

Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

This model earned its place on our list to satisfy all the avid campers and globetrotters looking for a practical travel tool. The CHEERHUNTING dog bed is a portable, multi-purpose mat that every dog falls in love with. You can use it as a dog bed for the yard, like a car mat, crate padding, a bed cover, picnic blanket for the dog, and much more.

The anti-slip oxford bright orange cloth material used for this bed is perfect for keeping it stain-free, dry, resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and color fading. If you get bored with the orange, just flip it and use the other brown side of the bed. It has a sewn-in handle for easier moving and folding.

The bed comes in a portable bag, convenient for travel storing, easy packing, and carrying. The bed is completely waterproof and machine washable. One of these bed’s top features is the breathable cotton padding, soft and cuddly for a good night’s sleep, but non-toxic, anti-allergy, and durable for long use. It withstands up to 85 lbs, perfect for medium to large dog breeds.

Customers love that this product is precisely what it’s made for – versatile, heavy-duty, and dogs gladly use it, which makes it a great investment. 

Veehoo Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

A list of the best outdoor dog beds wouldn’t be complete without the Veehoo’s elevated cot bed. This bed is all about practicality and convenience, as the assembly has never been made easier. It features 4 structure poles, a strong mesh cover, 4 rubber-reinforced legs that are attached quickly with the connectors.

The velcro tape mechanism enables an intuitive, stress-free attachment in no time. The lying surface is waterproof, made of durable polyester that provides comfortable sleeping and protection. Tap water and mild soap are all it takes to effortlessly clean this product. The bed comes in 3 standard sizes, mostly suitable for larger and heavier dogs, but you can also get a bigger size for smaller dogs if they like to relax together.

The biggest model is reinforced with an additional pole in the middle for dogs over 150 lbs to enable stability. The design of this bed is inspired by dogs and made to eliminate all the possible injuries on sharp edges, scratches, uncomfortable climbing, and irritation due to poor quality materials. 

Buyers’ experience proves that this product is just what your dog needs to have their own sleeping sanctuary. It is praised for the quality, price, and functionality. 

Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer

Calming Indoor – Outdoor Dog Bed

The multi-purpose PetCraft dog bed is an optimal balance between comfort and protection. Made of waterproof, fade-resistant polyester cover, this bed was designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions without compromising comfort and softness, as it is stuffed with breathable cotton material. It can be used as a separate bed, or put inside a crate as padding, a car mat, or on top of an elevated bed for maximum support.

It weighs like a medium-sized pillow, so you can effortlessly move it from the house to the backyard, carry it on car trips, or even pack it in a suitcase. The bed comes in two sizes, mostly compatible with medium and large dogs, but before ordering, make sure to measure your dog and see if he or she will fit comfortably.

PetCraft had dogs’ temperament and behavior in mind when crafting this fantastic bed, making it durable enough for the most hyperactive dogs out there. That said, the fabric is not resistant to punctures and aggressive chewing.

Customer’s experience shows the bed is cost-effective, practical, and versatile for both outdoor ventures and indoor cuddling and snoozing – definitely worth a try.

Coolaroo Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

If you live in a multi-pet household, your furry companions may all get to experience restful sleeping on this raised bed. Available in 3 standard sizes, this elevated cot bed is suitable for all dog breeds, cats, or other pets that need support for better sleeping. Customers like that it’s easy to assemble, with a few curved rods and a durable surface mesh.

Coolaroo advertises this product as a great support bed for injured and senior dogs with joint problems, as the raised sleeping surface minimizes impact on the impaired joints and gives a cloud-like feel when sleeping. This outdoor dog bed is light-weight and easy to move around, or you can just leave it outside in your garden and don’t worry about damage as it is made of heavy-duty materials to withstand harsh weather conditions. When used as an indoor bed, this model is great for cooling and during hot and stuffy days. 

Users are delighted with the product and like the fact it can serve heavier and stronger dogs as well. The structure and design proved to be sturdy and last for the desired time- all in all, money well spent.

Maxx Dog Bed for Metal Dog Crates

This is an outdoor dog bed designed to maximize the comfort and appeal of dog crates, but it can also be used as a separate bed. Since it’s completely waterproof, well-padded, and made of heavy-duty materials, it’s ideal for outdoor chilling in the sun with owners, traveling, picnics, or camping. It comes in 5 sizes, from 24-inch to 48-inch dog length.

The mattress holds up well with scratches, harsh weather and long-lasting use but is not recommended for avid chewers and tearing. Unlike a standard mattress, this bed is designed with extra-padded side cushions to serve as a pillow or a fluffy headrest. Most customers find this dog mattress a great multi-purpose product and see a fair use for it in one of the rooms or on the road.

Dogs quite like sleeping on this breathable quality bed and take an immediate liking to it once put in their snoozing space. You can find this crate cover in various colors and styles, just make sure to pick the right size based on your pup’s breed and weight. Although more on the high-end spectrum, this mattress definitely pays off in the long run.

Barkbox Memory Foam Outdoor Dog Bed

A kind among dog mattresses, this waterproof multi-purpose dog bed is an optimal choice for owners who need something for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s made of high-density memory foam and covered with a removable cover that features a water-resistant lining. The cover is machine washable and strong for multiple cleaning and long use.

Memory foam is famous for its ergonomic characteristics, so it can come in handy for senior or injured dogs with mobility issues who need extra cushioned support and minimum impact on the joints. The foam also regulates temperature and is breathable to prevent moisture from building up. This platform bed can also be used as a mat or a cover for other dog beds. The modern and simple design makes it a seamless furniture item for the house or the terrace. It comes in 4 available sizes, from teacup dog breeds to gentle giants. 

Customers reviewed this bed positively, pointing out the softness and comfort that it provides. Dogs seem to enjoy it for sleeping, playing, or just relaxing next to their owner. 

Final thoughts – what is the best outdoor dog bed? 

What is the ultimate outdoor dog bed? Well, this will depend on your personal needs and preferences. A good outdoor bed should be made of sturdy materials, should be large enough for comfortable sleeping, portable, and light-weight to move around. It should also be able to protect the dog from weather conditions and dirty ground that is unpleasant for lying down. 

All dog beds listed in our review are worth a try and pass all the important requirements with flying colors. Our final word of advice is to carefully pick the bed size and think about how the dog will fit in it before you purchase anything.