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Just like us, our furry companions sometimes need a place for themselves, whether it’s because of their safety, our protection, or to provide them with a quiet and isolated nook. Dog kennels have been serving us for decades in the backyard, but they don’t offer the convenience and options as a portable dog fence might.

Portable fences are an easy and quick solution for installing a solid barrier for your dog when you need him to be enclosed for a limited period.

From camping and yard barbecues to potty training and indoor time-out space, portable fences give ample room and airiness for the dog not to feel trapped while at the same time enabling you to be in control of their movement.

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which products are worth a try and which aren’t, so we’ve prepared this concise review of the top 12 portable dog fences and playpens in 2021 available.

We’ve based our picks on the customers’ honest reviews and our 13 years’ experience to present the best quality and top-notch performance.

Best portable dog fences in 2021

Considering the price and buyers’ opinions, this list contains the best-rated models of portable dog fences that you can easily use to find the perfect fit for you and your pup. Check out our favorites:

AmazonBasics Portable Dog Fence

This simple yet efficient dog fence is an excellent investment for those looking for a versatile barrier for different spaces. It can be used indoors as a sturdy playpen or outdoors for camping and picnics if you need to keep your pup outside in nature.

The straightforward and classic wire look fits basically any exterior or interior decor and is airy enough not to make the dog nervous and scared. The fence is made of rust-proof iron and is available with or without a door. Constructed of 8 interconnected metal panels, it forms a 16-foot square octangle, providing enough room for playing or relaxing.

Since it has no base, you can upgrade the space with an outdoor dog bed, toys, bowls, or any accessories you like to make it more appealing for your pooch. You can get a 24-inch tall portable dog fence for your munchkin, or if you own a larger breed, opt for the 48-inch tall one, but check the measuring chart before making the purchase (5 available sizes).

What’s more, the fence is completely foldable and requires little assembly – just a few easy steps for opening, and it’s ready for use. It also comes with 8 ground anchors for affixing the fence outdoors when necessary. Finally, if you have any complaints or would like to change the size, AmazonBasic offers a 1-year warranty for their products.

MidWest Portable Dog Fence

From teacup to giant breeds, this gold zinc rustic-looking exercise pen works like a charm. This portable metal fence also features 8 wire panels that vary in size, depending on the height you need, from 24 to 48 inches. 

The simplicity and classic design make it an appealing product, and customers like how seamlessly it fits in their garden, living room, hall, etc. This portable dog fence is collapsible and requires no assembly, just some basic installation with side clips for the panels.

You can arrange the panels in an octangle or a square shape, depending on your room requirements. When you need to move it or store it, just fold it flat with a few simple steps. It’s light-weight yet sturdy enough to provide durability and long-lasting use. If your dog is an avid nibbler, the fence will withstand any chewing and wear.

To ensure maximum security, the fence comes with 8 ground stakes for outdoor use. What’s more, it features a step-through door mechanism, preventing the dog from escaping while you open it and maximizing the structure’s stability. MidWest offers a wire mesh top or sunscreen top to accessorize the fence if you need to keep it outside during different weather conditions.

BestPet Portable Dog Fence

BestPet worked smart to come up with this expandable fence for extra large areas and multiple pets. The principle is simple – sturdy metal panels are connected with secure clips, which means you can attach as many panels as you like and arrange them in a circle or a square, depending on your preferences.

Indoor or outdoor use, this fence comes in a classic adaptable design, with black metal wires and sleek rounded edges to make it less threatening. The exercise pen is large enough for robust breeds (32 inches high), or your extra small pup can run around and have fun without even noticing he’s enclosed.

There are no sharp and pointy edges, making it perfectly safe for children. Also, you don’t need tools or complicated instructions for setting up this fence as it is folded flat when ported and quickly put back up in a few simple steps. 

Customers are satisfied with the versatility and the quick assembly of this portable dog fence, mostly recommending it for large backyards and multiple-pet households.

YAHEETECH Portable Dog Fence

We present another heavy-duty, versatile exercise pen made for all dog breeds and sizes. This rust-proof iron fence with a black finish gives a classy touch to your backyard, or if you decide to put it in your living area, it will adapt unnoticeably, thanks to its classic and straightforward design.

Being made of light-weight yet durable metal, this fence is easily portable and stored flat. It’s perfect for camping trips, outdoor ventures, and to serve as a garden kennel.

The fence offers multiple options for occupying space as the adjustment mechanism is based on metal bars inserted in attachment holes, making it adjustable by shape and size. You can even combine two fences and create a hybrid L-shaped barrier, a huge circle or a square, depending on the space you have.

This portable dog fence is thus ideal for multi-dog households or even for keeping cats outdoors. The highest model is 40 inches tall, great for securing large breeds too. The door is raised from the ground so the dog doesn’t try to escape or nudge on the door, plus it reinforces the frame and keeps the structure stable. The door is extra-secure with two locks, so your kids don’t try to mess with the fence. 

Customers like the quality and high-end feel of this durable fence but emphasize that it’s best utilized outdoors in ample space.

MAGINELS Portable Dog Fence

This great doggy fence is an optimal solution for pet owners who need something unnoticeable yet useful in their house. Made of translucent white mesh, the playpen adapts so seamlessly into any style and decor.

It features sturdy metal frames covered in durable and washable sheer material, making the entire construction very light-weight and easily portable. The panels are connected through a simple mechanism of inserting them in resin connectors, enabling different shapes and angles adaptable to various furniture layouts.

The playpen is highly versatile, great for keeping cats or small dogs restricted in the house, or for enclosing them in the backyard, or when visiting relatives or friends. You can even use it to protect your furniture, hazardous areas like the fireplace, or as a partition to prevent pets from climbing steep staircases. It’s easily transported and requires almost no assembly. 

Customers are delighted by the sturdiness of this seemingly flimsy playpen. Since it doesn’t come with any ground stakes for security, it’s best to use this portable dog fence inside and with smaller dog breeds or cats.

Giantex Portable Dog Fence

Adventurous travelers and nature fanatics will love this portable heavy-duty playpen for dogs. Although it’s bulky and quite oversized, it’s made for multiple pets and providing dogs with lots of ample space for running and playing without even noticing they are restricted. The installation process is straightforward – once you insert the metal bars into the panel attachments, your playpen is secure and ready to be shaped as you like it.

It is perfect for outdoor use, as it is weather and sun resistant, chewing-proof and extra secured with two locks. You can get two fences and connect them into a vast security retreat for your furry companions. Featuring a durable metal frame, this portable dog fence is strong enough even for the toughest dogs, promising long-time use and best performance. 

Buyers are delighted with the quality of this product and recommend it for keeping several dogs outside. 

Zampa Portable Dog Fence 

The Zampa foldable playpen is a perfect companion on camping trips, road trips, fishing, picnics, or any outdoor activity you like to share with your furry friend. This one-piece pen folds flat and comes with a string bag for easy transport and storage. You can even bring it on travels if you need to enclose your dog in a hotel room, at your friend’s house or when visiting relatives. 

As it doesn’t have any metal parts and bulky attachments, the playpen is exceptionally light-weight and easily portable. It comes with an optional mesh top to prevent the dog from jumping out of the pen. It also features external pockets for treats, bottles, or other personal belongings and a water bottle dispenser hole to keep your pup hydrated without spillings and complicated refilling.

The playpen also features windows covered with an optional mesh fabric to keep the dog in the pen while maintaining airflow and optimal temperature inside the pen. 

With this product, you also get a set of 4 ground spikes to secure the pen when in the wilderness if needed. 

Buyers like the ingenuity of this design and how practical it is for traveling and constant setting up. 

IRIS USA Portable Dog Fence 

The smart and practical design of this playpen might make you think it’s cumbersome and bulky, while it’s actually made of durable plastic and extremely easy to move around and store. It features 8 panels quickly attached and detached thanks to the interlocking mechanism that requires rods to be inserted between the panels.

You can even get two IRIS USA playpens and arrange the panels into a patio fence, or arrange them in whatever shape you need. The entire playpen folds flat into the size of a single panel, so you can store it under your bed, behind the door, or basically anywhere. However, since it’s resistant to weather conditions and comes in a simple black design, you can leave it assembled all the time as it won’t be in your way. 

It doesn’t feature a door, so it’s mostly recommended for puppies, cats, and small dogs since you need to lift your pet to put it in the pen. That said, the fact that there’s no door eliminates the possibility of your dog escaping easily. 

Buyers think this product is affordable, sturdy, and great for moving around the house. 

PawHut Portable Dog Fence

Who says your pup can’t have his own house? This kennel/playpen is a fantastic option for spacious yards and medium-sized breeds. If you have a butch-type rebellious rascal, thanks to the strong galvanized steel construction, this portable dog fence can help you work on behavior training and controlling rage outbursts or excessive jumping.

If you find the standard size too limiting (10x10x10 inches), you can connect another kennel without tools or complicated attachments, with a few metal connectors attached to the frame. The playpen door is secured with a metal lock, preventing escapes or predators trying to break in. 

Although a heavy-duty playpen, it is collapsible into panels and poles, so you can store it in a shed or slide in between narrow openings.

Buyers mostly use this nifty fence as an outdoor dog kennel but say it is also great for cats or even chickens. It proved to be an affordable but efficient replacement for high-end dog kennels.

Dreambaby Portable Dog Fence

If you’re looking for a practical room gate, this ingenious retractable dog fence may be just what you need. Ideal for training your pup to stay out of a specific room, or limiting dangerous areas, like hazardous staircases, basement doors, sharp edges, fireplaces, toxic chemicals, etc. You can also use this gate outdoors to enclose the patio or protect flower pots and other restricted areas.

This gate has to be mounted on a wall, so make sure to find a proper doorway, hallway, or a stairway where you can install this gate, but keep in mind it can expand up to 55 inches. The setup requires some time and energy, but the product comes with detailed instructions and tips on installing it quickly. Once assembled, it requires single-hand effort for opening and closing.

The gate is made of a metal frame covered with a flexible transparent plastic mesh, so your dog doesn’t get hurt when bumping into the gate. 

Buyers find this product extremely useful for training small to medium-sized dogs and like how the design makes the gate fit unnoticeably in every household.

COZIWOW Portable Dog Fence

This 4-panel wooden dog fence is a rustic but classic option for modern pet owners who need a functional yet stylish piece of furniture of this kind.

It features 4 barred dark wood panels, one of them functioning as a door, so you don’t need to expand and fold it all the time. If you need to store it, it folds like an accordion and diminishes to single panel size. The panels swing both ways, enabling you to arrange them and expand the gate as much as you need it, up to 81.5 inches.

It’s perfect for stairways, hallways, door entrances, or for protecting furniture around the house. It’s mostly recommended for medium-sized dogs or small dogs that don’t fit through the bars (2.4 inches bar distance).

The gate doesn’t require any mounting, complicated assembly; you just open it up and set it as you go. 

Buyers find it ideal for indoor use as it fits well with the furniture. It’s great for behavior training and as a safety partition. 

Internet’s Best Traditional Wire Dog Gate

Finally, our list can only be complete with this traditional wire dog gate, a nifty fence for small and large dogs. The high-quality white wooden frame combined with a durable black metal wired fence makes this gate very rugged yet trendy, rustic-looking, and perfect for both outdoor and indoor decors. You can restrict your hallway, stairway, room entrance, or protect your furniture. Outside it can serve as a patio door, or you can assemble it next to the wall and create a backyard playpen. It comes with 3 or 4 panels interconnected with hinges, so the gate can fold flat or expand up to 75 inches. Plastic feet at the bottom of each panel help protect your floors and prevent scratches and squeaking. This portable dog fence requires almost no assembly, it’s easily portable and light-weight to carry around. 

Buyers like the design and quality, recommending it mostly for confining small and medium-sized dogs inside the house. 

Cumbor Auto Close Safety Gate

Bring the white picket fence style inside your family home with this safety dog gate. While not a freestanding panel gate, this fence operates on the simple pressure mounting system, the only requirement is two walls up to 46 inches of distance between them. This mounting mechanism ensures the gate won’t fall off, detach and hurt you, your pet, or your children. 

The strong and durable steel frame can withhold forceful impact by Huskies, Goldens, and other large breeds. It features an easy-lock door, safe enough to prevent children from using, but straightforward for convenient use. This portable dog fence comes in 3 stylish options (red, blue, and white), perfect for different interior designs and styles. 

This gate is mostly recommended for indoor use, but you can install it outside if you have the means. Buyers are satisfied with the quality and price and like how convenient it is for homes. It also combines excellently with other furniture and doesn’t seem like an awkward additional attachment.

Final thoughts

How do I know which dog fence I should get?

When buying a portable dog fence, take into account the criteria it needs to cover. Consider some of the determining questions you need to answer before making the final choice:

Which size do I need? 

Depending on your dog’s breed, size, and weight, you need to narrow down your choices. If you own a large and robust dog, look for heavy-duty playpens and metal constructions, like the YAHEETECH Pet Fence or the PawHut Outdoor Box Kennel.

What kind of fence does my dog need?

Do you need an enclosed playpen, or are you looking for a stairway gate to create a partition inside your house? Dog gates can be freestanding, which means they don’t need wall mounting and are easily portable, like the Internet’s Best Traditional Wire Dog Gate or the COZIWOW Freestanding Puppy Dog Gate. The other option is mounting gates that are attached to the wall (with bolts or pressure poles), like the Dreambaby Retractable Gate.

Do I need it to be stored and easily folded?

Collapsible dog fences made of light-weight materials are best for transporting and used as camping or travel gear. If you’re looking for a playpen to install in the backyard, metal-frame options are more appropriate.

What style and design am I looking for?

Dog fences come in different shapes and designs, which you need to look into before getting one. This will also depend on whether it will be kept indoors or outdoors. There are stylish wooden and metal fences made to seamlessly fit into your furniture layout and not compromise your interior style. That said, make sure not to risk losing durability and sturdiness by only being dazzled by the color and design – quality should be of topmost priority.

With all the important features taken into account, your final pick should be based on your preferences. All the products provided in our list are definitely worth a try, as there’s something for everyone’s taste, needs, and purpose.