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Waterproof Dog Bed

There are multiple reasons why your furry snoozer may be messing up his bed, but none of them are worthy of the endless scrubbing, smelly stained fabric, and all the stress induced by constant cleaning with no practical results. A waterproof dog bed is a lifesaver for dog parents who deal with canine incontinence, puppies in the training process, or female dogs in heat who have problems controlling their bladder, bowels, and natural discharge. 

Depending on your pup’s breed, size, and space you have at home, the waterproof bed you choose needs to cover all the important features, such as washability, budget, comfort, durability, and more. We’ve considered everything a responsible pooch parent needs to take into account when buying a waterproof bed and created this experience-based review to help you in the process.

All the listed dog beds were also reviewed by (dis)satisfied customers whose honest opinion we value the most. Dive into the wonders of waterproof beds and make your and your furry companion’s life mess and stress-free.

Why would your dog need a waterproof bed? 

Dogs get messy for various reasons, especially when they are not able to control their bodily fluids. Canine urinary incontinence, erratic bowel movement, diarrhea, spaying consequences are some of the main reasons why your dog’s bed gets wet and stained all over again. Typical dog beds are made of fabrics and absorbent materials, like other mattresses, which eventually create an unhygienic environment for sleeping. 

Waterproof dog beds are made of water-resistant materials, usually sewn in on the back of the cover or layered on the inner padding, making them easy to clean with a few swipes with a cloth and a universal cleaning product. The outer cover is usually removable and machine washable for more convenient use.

As proved in the long run, waterproof beds are more durable than regular ones due to the fact that you don’t need to apply any vigorous rubbing and scraping to the materials, there aren’t any aggressive chemicals and cleaning products that need to be used to get rid of stains, so the shape and functionality of the bed last longer without compromising quality and comfort.

Features to consider when picking out a waterproof dog bed

If you’re looking to invest in a good-quality dog bed, the best idea is to check all the essential features that may be important for the dog’s use. Here are some of the crucial criteria we find determining when choosing a waterproof bed for your four-legged companion. Narrowing down the options can save you some money on unnecessary features, sizing, and design you don’t actually need or won’t make full use of. 


Before looking into any other characteristics, checking the bed measurements is a top priority if you don’t want your pooch scooping up with cramps and twitches on the small bed, with his legs sticking out uncomfortably.

Most brands offer models in standard 3 to 5 sizes, but their dimensions will depend on the type of dog breed they are mostly focused on. For instance, if the waterproof dog bed is aimed for smaller dogs, the L or XL size they offer will probably suit Pitbull dog size, but not much bigger. The same goes for the bed’s shape, as some are designed to be circular, some rectangular, and some indifferent ergonomic shapes that are supposed to be more user-friendly.

Notice the positions your pooch normally sleeps in, and that will help you decide on the shape of the mattress you need to get.

Materials and comfort

Above anything else, a bed is made for sleeping, which means comfort and breathable materials are a must. Most waterproof dog beds come with a cotton or sherpa outer cover to provide a soft and irritation-free feel for dogs. Polyester is also acceptable as it’s the easiest to clean, however, make sure to regularly wipe the lying surface and keep it dry to prevent condensation and coat matting, leading to skin infections and itching.


To ensure the bed will last long and not wear off over time, it needs to be made of durable materials strong enough to withstand daily doggy activities. Scratchers, biting, jumping, and rolling around all change the shape and performance of a bed, so memory foam or fleece padded inner layers are the best choice for daily wear and tear. 

Cleaning and hygiene

Waterproof dog beds and mattresses need to be convenient for cleaning and machine washable. In the end, that is the whole point of getting a stain-resistant bed. Pick beds that have the top cover removable ( with a simple zipper mechanism) to wash it with other bedding.

The water-resistant layer should protect the foam or inner padding from liquids and be cleaned quickly with simple washcloth maneuvers and a basic cleaning product. Simplicity and practicality are key features here.


Do you need your bed to be portable? If you’re straining your budget for a nice dog bed, think about how purposeful you need it to be. If you’re an active, adventurous family, then maybe opt for a bed that can be easily folded and stored into a portable bag. Some beds are flat enough to be used as a cover mat for car rides, camping trips, or padding crates and kennels.

Best waterproof dog bed for 2021

We know how overwhelming shopping can get, primarily when investing in a product that needs to last long and maintain its function for our furbabies. Check out what we have in store and dig in to find the best waterproof bed for dogs that will suit your needs. 

Best Waterproof Dog Bed for active dogs

Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

This water-resistant dog mat is an ideal travel buddy for all the active venturers who need bedding support. The fact that it technically isn’t a bed but a mat makes this product more versatile and multi-purposeful: it can be put over a dog crate, in a kennel as soft, waterproof padding, used as a travel mat, camping mattress, car mat, or whatever you could think of. 

It’s made of Oxford cotton, a stain-proof, durable material that provides both comfort and liquid resistance. The inner stuffing is made of soft, fluffy breathable cotton, while the outer layer is more firm to provide water resistance but gentle enough for your pup’s skin.

Put it on a standard waterproof dog bed to upgrade it, or roll it in a convenient bag for outdoor use – the choices are remarkable! Both sides of the mat are usable, which come in different colors, so you can choose which pattern you like more. It can withstand even the most persistent of scratchers and droolers but is not suitable for aggressive chewing and punctures.

The anti-slip design prevents the dog from falling off or fidgeting all the time and, at the same time, is easy to clean, with just a few swipes with a damp cloth. If you need a more thorough clean, just put it in the washing machine, and it’s fresh for long use. This multi-functional mat is an excellent choice for owners who need to try out a waterproof bed for their dog but not invest too much in a whole new bed. Its versatility and portability make this a money-well-spent product. 

Best waterproof dog bed for restful sleep

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

This bed is a dream come true for dogs who like their sleep sessions comfortable and long. At Barkbox, beds are made of high-quality gel memory foam designed to help canines with different orthopedic problems that could prevent them from finding a painless position.

However, the outer layer is made of soft waterproof materials and can be quickly removed thanks to the zipper mechanism. Just put it in a washing machine, and you’re good to go! What’s more, this chic cloud-like bed will fit any household as it is designed in neutral, pastel colors that seamlessly complement any style. It comes in a range of applicable sizes (check their measurement chart to find the right fit) for tiny to giant dog breeds for ample use and maximum relaxation.

You can also pick a large size for two or three smaller dogs. The memory foam minimizes force impact, so one dog could be sleeping on one side, while the other could be playing on the other, without interrupting each other’s business.

Customers like how affordable this bed is, compared to similar-quality products, and find that the dogs like to try it out as quickly as possible. Upon its arrival, you need to let the mattress expand to its full size for a few minutes (due to the foam materials).

Best waterproof dog bed for a good night’s sleep

PETMAKER Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Bed

This PETMAKER’s unique bed is all about protection and comfort. It consists of an additional inner waterproof lining that protects the non-washable foam material from getting wet. The micro-suede outer layer is also lined with a waterproof layer on the bottom to ensure maximum protection but comfortable and care-free snoozing.

The outer cover is machine washable and quick to put on and off due to the classic zipper mechanism. This is another fantastic product for senior or injured dogs, as it provides extra support and cushioning for the impaired joints and impaired limbs.

In the house, on a terrace, or in a car, wherever you find it convenient, you can place this wonderful piece of furniture. This waterproof dog bed comes in 4 standard sizes (S, M, L, XL), and it’s recommended to check the dimensions before purchasing so as not to get a bed too large or too small. 

Buyers feel like this is the ultimate nap machine, soft and attractive for dogs to dive in it and make it into their little nook. They also find the available sizes true to what is advertised and recommend the product as cost-effective and of excellent quality.

Best waterproof dog bed for large dogs

Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer

Just as the name implies, this “super snoozer” truly is a haven for restful sleep. Made from thick and durable polyester outer layers, this firm indoor or outdoor dog bed is covered with a water-resistant finish to provide mess-free and dry sleeping. Cleaning is easy, with simple swipes with a cloth and a universal cleaning product.

For a more deep cleanse, you can put this waterproof dog bed in the washing machine or soak it in warm water and wash with a mild detergent to get rid of fur, pet dander, and dirt. It comes in two standard sizes, ideal for medium to large dogs. That said, if your small pooch likes ample space for sleeping, this product can be just the thing he needs. The bed is also UV-treated, meaning the stylish dark polyester cover won’t fade when in the sun or get damaged.

This cushion-like bed is so light-weight that it can be used as a bed mat, a car seat dog cover, folded and brought to camping trips, picnics, used as yard furniture for your pooch, or simply put in a dog crate or kennel. Customers enjoy its versatility and point out the durable materials as the best asset of this product.

Best waterproof dog bed for indoor comfort

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

We’re not done with the fantastic foam-based beds – the Brindle Waterproof Designer bed is another mix of cloud-like softness, plush feel, and top-quality protection, durability, and practicality. This waterproof mattress is supported with memory foam that cushions injured or senior pooches with joint problems or obese dogs that need some extra padding for comfortable sleeping.

The outer lining is easy to remove and conveniently wash with other bedding on gentle cycles and warm water. While it’s a perfectly functional bed on its own, it can be used as padding for crates, a bed mattress, or even as a dog mat for car seats. The cover’s outer layer is completely waterproof to protect the foam and enable easy and mess-free cleaning.

Brindle’s waterproof dog beds are designed for enthusiastic and playful dogs, so don’t worry if your pup gets frequent zoomies or likes to get scratchy. Mind, however, the bed is not puncture-proof (as goes for any bed), so prevent aggressive chewing to ensure long-lasting use.

When it comes to customer experience, this bed is almost everyone’s favorite, proving worth the money, durable and convenient for use even with doggies with frequent accidents.

Best waterproof dog bed for smaller breeds

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Another Brindle’s proud representative, this waterproof mattress proved great with smaller to medium-sized dogs. With the memory foam base and soft plush cover, it’s the go-to product for dogs who need extra cushioning and base support. The surface layer is machine washable, and its inner layer is waterproof, which you can simply wipe with a damp cloth or some wet wipes.

This Brindle’s waterproof dog bed model comes in 3 sizes, ideal for smaller breeds or even cats. Customers found this bed great for helping puppies overcome the bed-wetting stage and potty training. The bed comes in various colors and stylish prints to suit everyone’s taste and home decor.

Dogs worldwide take an instant liking to this orthopedic heaven, which is why it’s completely worth the investment. The Brindle’s remarkable quality and features and the smart design make this product durable and reliable for extended use. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, Brindle offers a 3-year guarantee for all the dog beds.

Final thoughts

The benefits of owning a waterproof bed are not only a matter of stain-free sleeping but also ensuring long-lasting use, remarkable durability, and irreplaceable comfort. If you’re already investing in a dog bed, why not think about possible “accidents” in the future and opt for maximum protection?

All the products listed above are worthy of a try, and you can indeed find at least one perfect match for your furry friend. Think about the important features you want in a waterproof dog bed and measure the model correctly before making the final purchase.